Thieving Squirrel Videos.

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Someone from NBC contacted me after I posted this story on our local Facebook page. They asked if could have the videos in order to put together a cute little segment for their website. Here is what they created. It’s cute! It also made the 11 PM news but that’s WAY past my bedtime, so I missed it.

Update: The lovely Ali Bauman from CBS New York stopped by last night for an interview. She watched the Boudreaux family in all its glory at our home here in Maplewood.

And apparently this squirrel is now internationally famous.

Canoe covered the story as well. And I sea that Sea Girt is experiencing similar issues.

The original videos with a great deal of my commentary.

Since I am clearly losing this battle, I left him a note and some treats so he came for the gum.

Day five. I think I’m just going to let him win. I give up. Eat up, squirrel.


I don’t even know what to say anymore.

Then he ate the pop tart in front of me.



  1. Well, to be fair, if you put chocolate and lip balm that close to MY house, I’m going to waltz over and take some, too.


  2. […] Michele Boudreaux, of Maplewood, New Jersey, said on her blog she provides candy, snacks, tissues, hand warmers and other goodies on her doorstep every year. She never had any issues before, but this year, her basket was raided within hours of being set outside her home. […]


  3. LOL, so funny! :D I feed the squirrels in my garden on purpose, but I’ve never seen one so fat and greedy in my life! :D


  4. She looks pregnant, I was hand feeding two squirrels and a fat one was always stealing from the skinny male by bullying him. The next Spring she had babies.


    1. Hadn’t thought of that! But it makes PERFECT sense.


  5. […] Boudreaux made sure to capture the furry little thief and an accomplice on camera, you can watch all the hilarious videos here. […]


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