I Did NOT!

No, YOU stayed up late hand-feeding your son’s beta fish mashed peas in hopes of saving its life.


  1. OK, I’ll ask the obvious question: was the effort worth it?


    1. Sigh. This poor fish has been dying slowly for months now. So I did some googling and read he may be severely constipated and that peas work. And so, got my ass OUT OF BED past my bedtime, cooked up some peas, peeled off the outside layer and fed that damn fish some peas.

      He still hasn’t pooped. He still looks like he’s going to explode. So… I don’t know!

      I wish they had Hospice for fish, you know, the type of Hospice willing to add an extra extra dose of morphine? This guy needs to die already and I don’t know how to do it. Poor fella.


      1. Perhaps he needs an enema. I sort of have a feeling that they don’t sell those at pet stores, though. Here’s hoping the peas finally, um, work.

  2. Or they kill him. At this point, even Emory is ready for him to say goodbye. Poor damn fish.


  3. You rule. No matter the outcome, that’s above and beyond. Nice work. 👌🏻(I always check in on you, and thanks for keeping on keeping on).


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