My Latest Cake

This is for Elliot’s kindergarten teacher. It’s her birthday. She likes chocolate, dark chocolate, cherries and flowers. Behold: an explosion of her favorites. I may have gone a touch overboard with this one, but I REALLY like his teacher. I hope she likes it! The class also came together and got her an Amazon gift card as well as some orchids and roses. Teachers deserve as much love as possible.


  1. I love this. Most of all, that you made it for your son’s K teacher. My daughter’s K teacher is so wonderful and I love to see our teachers appreciated. I’m sure she will be so touched.


    1. She is truly remarkable. She’s kind and goes way beyond what many public school teachers already do that amazes me. I hope she doesn’t lose her joy for teaching. We got lucky with her.

      Thank you, Beth!


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