Did You Vote For Trump?

How are you justifying Trump having appointed a racist, antisemite as his White House chief strategist? I am sincerely trying to figure out how anyone can still overlook what’s happening here. Stop normalizing this. It’s not normal. This is wrong on SO MANY levels.

Maybe he’s bluffing. Maybe he suggested Bannon knowing everyone would freak out and then he’ll actually say, “OK! Fine! I won’t appoint Bannon, I’m going to ask Ted Nugent to do it instead.”

Trump supporters keep writing on Facebook, “Don’t worry! Nothing bad is going to happen to you! No one is going to get hurt. He’s not going to do all the things he says he’s going to do! STOP WORRYING.”

In short: No. Fuck that.

Our nation is moving backwards.

My son’s 60-year-old piano teacher said, “Don’t they realize that we worked so hard as women to fight for the rights we have today? The ones they are currently trying to take away? We worked so hard for this! This is heartbreaking to watch.”

There are so many things about this that are heartbreaking. I go from being hopeful and excited to change things, to wanting to crawl into bed and pretend this is all one big nightmare.

I’m trying to make sense of this. But it feels like madness.

Why did you vote for him? What do you think he’s going to do for you?

One person said during one of the many several heated discussions I witnessed, “Stop whining. Let’s see what happens. Let see if the GOP can fix this.” They were referring to the state of the nation.

But, fix what?

What exactly do you think the Trump Administration is going to fix? Are they going to appoint the most conservative judges we’ve ever had to the Supreme Court? Are they going to make abortions illegal? Overturn Roe vs Wade? Deport a bunch of people, breaking up families? Are they going to take away the healthcare SO MANY of my friends and neighbors currently use, the healthcare Toby and I plan to use next year? Are they going to fix our relationship with Russia? (HA HA.) Are they going to destroy the EPA and make it so future generations suffer greatly?

What do you want the GOP to fix exactly?

I’m desperate to understand.

But you know what I’m starting to think? I’m starting to think that there are a growing number of Trump supporters who are starting to feel a little nervous. Because you simply can’t justify this anymore. You can’t normalize this anymore. You can’t have voted for this guy, still claim to not be racist/anti-woman/etc, and then watch it all unfold without some protest. Nope. I think you’re telling all of us not to worry because deep inside, you’re scared shitless. You’re afraid you made a terrible mistake.


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  1. This. All of this. So in the same place as you.
    If I could hug you and cry together for our boys, I would.


  2. My only direct interaction with a known trump supporter since the election, all she kept saying was how she can’t stand Obama or Hillary. And then expressing her own hurt feelings over some things people wrote on FB. My takeaway (in addition to the decision that I will be distancing myself from this person) is that there is no thought to the future or plans. There is a lot of personal retribution being played out for some made up reasons (imo) and now the focus is simply “oh poor us, whhhyyyy don’t people like meeeee?” Maddening.


    1. I have had some interaction with several as much of my family are trump supporters. HATING Hillary is a big reason they said they voted for Trump. I was told they hate HRC as much as I loathe Trump.

      The thing that baffles me is: Hillary would not have been so ill prepared for the actual job. Even worse? I don’t think he even WANTS the job, which means he’s likely to appoint people to do it all for him. And at first I thought, OK, well, maybe he’ll choose awesome people to do the work. Maybe it won’t be so bad after all. That has not at all been the case so far. From the looks of it, things are going to be very, very ugly.

      Nothing we can do but deal with it. I know this. But holy shit there’s a lot that could go horribly wrong for the betterment of this entire country.


  3. It’s taking every bit of willpower I can muster to stop myself from unfriending relatives who are Trump supporters.


    1. Steve: I just left Facebook entirely in order to keep the peace. I do want to sit down with them, however, and find out WHY they voted for Trump and what they think he’s going to do for them. I would also love to know how they’re coming to terms with Bannon, because you can’t deny his ties to white nationalism. He doesn’t belong in the White House. Awful.

      But I hear you. It’s been a very difficult time. I am hoping it settles down soon. I’m trying to hard to overlook certain things. I understand how much people hate Hillary Clinton, but I’m having so much trouble understanding how people can overlook everything he said and did and the fact that he’s legitimizing a great deal of anger.

      I haven’t felt this worried since the weeks following 9/11. I know that comes off as dramatic, but it’s true. I feel this pit in my stomach. It’s familiar.

      I could go on. But I’ll stop.


    2. I’ve unfriended many “friends,” and some relatives. I realized, I don’t even LIKE these people. They are ugly inside. There is no denying it.


  4. There is more racism, bigotry and xenophobia in this country than we ever could have imagined in 2016. The cockroaches are just coming out of the woodwork now because Trump said it’s okay. Then you have ignorant people (for many reasons) who just don’t know how things work–they don’t know WHAT their Congressmen are, never mind WHO they are; they don’t know the definition of words like propaganda, fascism, or ideology. They don’t understand the departments of government and the danger people like Myron Ebell put us in. Heck, I was arguing with one Trump supporter who couldn’t tell me the name of President Obama’s Vice President! If you’re arguing with one of them on FB, and you want to have some fun, throw out a question and say, “Don’t Google! You have five seconds to answer that!” lol So this is what we’re up against. Dumb and mean. A dangerous combination. Even if they knew it was wrong, they couldn’t help themselves. It was like a drug. He’s like the pied piper, or Jim Jones, and he touched something emotional in them and they didn’t CARE about other people or the future. They were very selfish. They just wanted that fix. They wanted that wall! Now they are getting defensive. Deep down some of them know it’s wrong. Some of them are ashamed. They are seeing our disapproval and they don’t like it. That actually gives me hope.


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