Cancer and My Face.

This past spring I was told I have more of “the good kind of cancer” on my face. Which means I will have to have it removed (again). There are options, so that’s good. But it’s my face and this pisses me right off. I still have a scar from where they removed the cancer on my upper lip. And they used Mohs for that, which is supposed cause less scarring. But it scarred. And it’s become more visible as I’ve aged; I mean, I knew that would happen, but it still sucks. I’m as vain as the next guy.

The options given to me this time were to use a cream for two weeks, three times per day; OR I could go in and sit under some blue light for three hours at their office. They both are relatively similar procedures. It all depends on “your lifestyle and whether you want to sit in a medical office for three hours” with nothing to do but zone out to silence or listen to a podcast?

Are you kidding me? Three blissful hours without any screaming children? Three hours of silence? I know! SOUNDS AWESOME.

Just kidding. I love my kids most of the time.

But, honestly, I still wasn’t sure what to do. It is my face after all. So I called my doctor and went over the differences. We discussed the redness associated with both, the swelling. She went over the recovery time. They are very similar.

“Basically, do you want it over with in one day? Or can you do it for two weeks?”

“I guess I can do the cream? I don’t know…”

“Oh, I will add that sometimes the light has an added bonus of smoothing out wrinkles.”


Three quiet hours WITH a podcast and when it’s over I might look a touch younger AND be cancer free?

Show me the light!

I can’t do it until after halloween because I plan on painting my face and getting totally decked out for the first grownup halloween party I’ll have been to in over 8 years, but I will post before and after shots and I may even live-tweet those blissful three hours.

Ok, not really.

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