I found out one of my childhood friends passed away unexpectedly last week. I am flying to Raleigh today to attend his memorial service.

His name was Aaron. He was the first person to talk to me when we moved to Raleigh when I was 10. He was kind, hilarious.

My heart breaks for his family. He has kids, a wife. He was loved.

He’s the boy in the hat.

I will write more a bit later. My head is a touch fuzzy this morning, still filled with under-processed dreams.


  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. Be kind to yourself.


  2. I’m truly sorry. Losing a childhood friend brings out a unique sort of grief. I realize all grief is unique, yes, but there is an element of disbelief to losing someone from your childhood.


  3. What happened to the magical story about the deck he built upon which y’all sat and drank bourbon, or perhaps whisky? Did I dream that up??


  4. I’m so sorry, Mihow.


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