Murray Loves Homemade Pancakes

Our kitchen is much bigger than the last one, which means I’m spending nearly all my time there. It also means I’m cooking a lot more. I’ve been getting up and making the boys chocolate chip pancakes every morning. And Murray usually joins them at the bar, especially since pancakes are involved. Not sure what it is about brown tabby cats and pancakes, but they were Schmitty’s favorite as well. (May he RIP. Still miss that cat, 9 years later.) Anyway, here’s the recipe. These pancakes are awesome if I must say so myself.


  1. So, um, can I eat now? Are you done with the photo shoot? These pancakes ain’t gettin’ any warmer. Can I get my own plate next time?


  2. Oh hurray! I was hoping Murray would make an appearance since you popped back up in my blog reader. Who are those boys???? They can’t be your wee little babes. :-) And congrats on the move too.


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