Elliot Turns Four

Elliot turned four a couple of weeks ago. We decided to have a party for him and invited his entire class. Prior to this year, we’d only ever invited the immediate family.

Anyway, last year, he wanted an Emmet cake. And so my massively pregnant ass made him an Emmet cake. This year, he wanted a dinosaur cake. And a dinosaur cake he would have.

This is how it turned out.

The party wasn’t great. I mean, I guess the kids had fun and the parents were gracious and kind. We used Fresh Direct to cater the party. They did awesome. I will definitely use them again. I opted for a “Pass The Parcel” game for the kids, where you wrap up a bunch of small gifts and every time the song pauses, whatever child has it on his or her lap unwraps one layer taking the gift inside. That went over REALLY well except that Elliot didn’t understand what was happening and thought we were giving away HIS birthday gifts. What a disaster. Needless to say, Elliot became overwhelmed and had a massive tantrum. I felt terrible. He’s growing up and he’s trying so very hard to be like his older brother, which is problematic to say the least. Anyway, we’re working on things every day and I have seen some progress. He’s got so much going on in there, so many emotions swirling about, emotions he’s not really sure how to communicate just yet.

What can I say? It’s been hard. Living with a three-year-old has been hard. But we’re hoping age four brings some calmer waters.

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. It’s been a crazy couple of months and the weather isn’t helping. I’m not one to complain about winter, but it’s just been far, far too cold. I’m ready for spring.


  1. Always good to see you pop up in my reader. Not guilt intended, but how the heck is Murray???


  2. Amy! I post a lot of Murray pictures on Instagram. Must add them here from now on.

    He’s FAT. And awesome and I’ll post a kick ass video later today.

    Pic of fatty:



  3. What a beautiful cake!!


    1. Thank you! Toby helped this time. I gotta say, the more and more I think about it and do it, the more I’m absolutely sure I want to do this for a living. BAKE and create confections for people. I hope to one day say that’s so. It’s a dream for sure.

      So thanks for saying that, Erica.


  4. That is such a beautiful cake! Too pretty to eat, although I am sure it was delicious!


    1. Thanks Cat! It was delicious but that’s because I LOVE marzipan. :] if I could, I would use it all the time but given the allergies in the states you kinda have to use fondant. This time, I made cupcakes as well for anyone with nut allergies. (No one had allergies! But the cupcakes were chocolate so they were a hit for that reason alone.)

      Fondant isn’t great tasting. Which sucks. But I always coat my cakes in buttercream so they’re still moist. I also add a layer between each cake layer so it’s not dry. I think it works.


  5. Happy Birthday to Elliot! I absolutely love his cake. You should totally do this for a living, I love all the cakes you posted so far! Do you make it for other people too? I would love to order from you :)


    1. Anca: of course I’d make it for other people! That’s my goal one day. Bake and make people smile.


  6. Great! Is there a way I can contact you about more details? My little guy is turning 4 in May and he is all about Thomas the train! I usually bake their cakes, but decorating is not my forte ;)


    1. You may email me at Michele @ mihow dot com


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