Long Training Run: Week One

This morning I ran six miles and it didn’t suck. In fact, it felt pretty great to be back out there. It was a slow one! And I walked up the two steepest hills, but overall I am very pleased with my energy level. I still have a lot of work to do to get back to my previous 10K times, but for the first time since having the baby I feel like it’s possible

Also: I plan on using this space to write about my training. I know it’s pretty boring shit, but I think it will help me.


Left the house at 6:39 AM. Temperature: 66 degrees.

Pre-run fuel: Plain oatmeal, banana, coffee with sugar and creamer. Water. Ate a Gu Gel 2.5 miles in.

Route: Through South Orange, around Duck Pond, through both downtowns, up to Ridgewood and back home again.

Time and distance:: Ran a 10K at an 11:20 per mile pace. (Including walking.) Walked two steep hills.

Post-run recovery meal: Plain low-fat yogurt, homemade maple granola, fresh blueberries (Elliot picked them!) and strawberries.

Personal Stuff: Four months postpartum. Still breastfeeding. Still dieting. Down 42 pounds. (!!) 8 more to go. Current weight: 148.

Pros: No roadkill!

Cons: I miss running through NYC.

Upward and onward!

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