The 2nd Amendment Needs Revision.

I am about as anti-gun as they come. Friends and family know this. And since many members of my family are pro-gun, whenever the topic comes up, I usually admit straight up that I can’t have a rational discussion about guns because I am so completely opposed. That usually does the trick. And I’m not lying when I tell them this. It’s one of the few topics I can’t keep a rational head about. I just get so worked up, I stop making sense. It’s as if my brain won’t even consider the other side.

I liken my intense opposition toward guns to those staunchly opposed to abortion. You know how there is NOTHING you can say to a person who, at their very core, believes abortion is wrong? They see it their way, perhaps irrationally so, and you will never, ever change their mind? That’s me when it comes to gun ownership.

I have learned not to discuss it very often. And I realize that’s a bit of copout. But back when I did actually argue with people, nothing changed. I still remained staunchly opposed; they remained very much for; and both parties left the situation feeling agitated.

(To quote my previous post: What good can come from this? Probably not much.)

So, I don’t really talk about guns anymore. But I will say this here and now: if I could amend the U.S. Constitution, I would. I would change the hell out of the 2nd Amendment. I don’t agree that people should have access to the guns we’re capable of making today. I don’t believe people need more than a rifle for hunting. In my perfect America, guns (all but those used for hunting) would be a thing of the past. They’d be melted down and turned into playground equipment, new (electric!) cars, art, jewelry, anything that isn’t a gun.

The recent shooting in a Florida movie theater has me remembering why I became so opposed to guns so many years ago. I lived in DC at the time. Two “soccer moms” got into a massive fight while driving. (If memory stands, both were on the Beltway in Virginia.) Their road rage escalated to the point where both ended up on the side of the road. (I can’t remember if they got into an actual accident or simply wanted to duke it out one-on-one, but they pulled over.) Well, it ended with one of the soccer moms shooting the other. She lost her cool and, blink! just like that, ended someone’s life. (She basically ended her own as well.) That story haunted me for years. An otherwise calm, normal mother lost her shit and shot another mother. It seemed so… easy?

It pains me knowing that a man felt the need to bring a gun into a movie theater. Had he lived in a state where carrying a concealed firearm in public was illegal, chances are this 71-year-old father/husband/grandfather wouldn’t be spending the rest of his life in prison. And another father wouldn’t be dead. And a 3-year-old girl wouldn’t be without a dad. That’s the thing with guns: a quick, irrational reaction can leave us with a most final, tragic result. And I feel so sad for everyone involved including the shooter and his family.

We all lose our temper. I know I do. (Especially these days with all these surging hormones.) I have seen people get into fistfights on the subway. I have seen people fight in bars, restaurants, at birthday parties, soccer games, in line at Starbucks. People lose their cool. We all do. And when we do, we can only hope the other person isn’t armed. Because it’s so easy to get lost in that moment of pure rage and simply react. And a gun makes that outcome horribly final yet surprisingly easy to get to.

I loathe your guns. And your right to bear them shouldn’t trump my right to adamantly and loudly oppose your right to bear them.


  1. Well said. I agree with you 100%.


  2. You would fit in well up here – I can’t even imagine anyone owning a gun that isn’t exclusively for hunting and/or for protection of livestock.


  3. You know how when kids go on field trips, one kid misbehaves and the whole class has to give up privileges? (Well, that’s how it was when I was in school.) It needs to be that way with gun control because the status quo accepts that innocent people will die. It seems like people are so desensitized to the abstract idea of death that they fail to realize the finality of death. I know it’s a slippery slope and all, but… I just can’t think of any justification for not upping gun control.


  4. I have no problem with people owning a rifle for sporting purposes (hunting) or if they are a farmer/living in the woods. I don’t think gun ownership translates to most modern lifestyles. Why would I need a gun, really? Living here in suburbia. I don’t have to put down my lame horse or stop train robbers. 2nd amendment needs to be updated for the modern era here.

    It’s just too easy to own a gun. You should need a valid reason for owning one and does anyone really need more than a few?


  5. yes to all of it. worse even that the shooter is a retired officer.


  6. I agree with everyone that has posted here. I’m an irrational mess about gun ownership and I just can’t fathom a mother who thinks it’s no big deal. I am usually so good about seeing it both ways, I just can’t on guns.


  7. amen amen amen amen amen


  8. I am anti gun for myself because I have battled the demon of depression for too long to be safe having access to a gun. However, I am pro 2nd amendment because the reason owning those type of weapons is legal is because there may be a day we need to protect ourselves FROM the government and they have those weapons. The people who are going to commit heinous crimes with guns are not going to worry about whether or not they get them legally and truthfully, they could likely procure them much faster through illegal means. I could have illegally obtained weapons by the end of today and I do not live in a major city or hang around with a criminal element. I might have a bit more information than some due to the nature of my studies, but it doesn’t take much more than access to the internet. Also, people that are that determined to do something will accomplish it. If they don’t use guns they will use explosives, etc…


  9. Well ladies aren’t you all just a big emotional mess of irrational thought and depression and biased decession making . I just found your website, I have no idea how and this was the first post I came across this morning. I’m glad all of you are so comfortable “in your perfect america” where guns are just for the “ranch owners and hunters”. You ladies and I’m assuming your all ladies by your names, need a serious reality check. History has shown us that the first step twored massive oppression by govt/anyone is the taking away the firearms of law abiding citizens. What difference does it make if I have multiple guns, I follow the law, 9 out of 10 times you’ll never even know I had one. Except when one of two things happen, 1 in your perfect america a tragedy happens and all of your emotional mushy pushy laws are enacted and all of us are killed in an attack by a lone perpetrator 2 said attack happens and is thwarted by a law abiding citizen who stops the attack most times not even firing a round. Anyway I don’t have time to explain because I work for a living can’t can’t moan all day about how i don’t like guns. Like it or not, guns are Americans past, and guns are apart of our future if it is to be a decent and just one. By the way, I am a volunteer fire fighter , nurse, proud American and 24 yo conservative. Just my thoughts of the post, and if your gov(rogue president and associated ultralib) gets there way witch guns, we will all know a collective hurt not before seen in this country’s history.


  10. Here, I’ll respond in kind to Clayton, the illiterate gun fan:

    Well Clayton aren’t you just a big aggressive mess of irrational gun-loving paranoia. I just found your comment, I have no idea why I’m reading it, this was the first alphabet soup of a comment I came across this morning. I’m glad you in particular are so comfortable in your “massive oppression” by “govt/anyone” even though you are a law abiding citizen with multiple guns who follows the “mushy pushy” laws. If you can find an example of a gun owner who “stops the attack most times not even firing a round,” be our guest! This never happens. Guns aren’t “americas past” when someone can express their annoyance at someone texting in a movie theater by, well, shooting them. Also, I would adore a “witch gun,” can you provide a link to purchase one?


  11. Clayton: it’s a good thing they don’t require a person know how to spell to obtain a gun because you’d be totally fucked.


  12. I think “witch guns” are only legal in Salem, MA.

    Clayton – next time add “certified jackass” to your long list of superhero credentials, and put that right up at the beginning of your post so we know not to waste time reading your erection induced drivel.

    Also, when you see your mother (or sister if you have either), be sure to dismiss any of their opinions with your highly educated statement of “Ladies, ladies, you’re just a big emotional mess of irrational thought and depression and biased decession making.” But make sure you say “decision” rather than “decession”, mmm kay?

    Then sit back and be prepared to receive the slap to the face that you deserve for being the 24 year old egotistical male chauvinist that you are.

    Hopefully you aren’t holding your breath on being hired full time as a fire fighter. They hire real men. Not boys.

    Hopefully the fact that I have a penis and a gun doesn’t throw your logic (or lack thereof) too much for a loop.


  13. Clayton, quit your day job immediately and become a comedian.

    Also, please consider proof reading your posts before clicking the submit button. People will take you more seriously if you appear to be educated.


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