1. Here is a better selfie:


  2. Yeah, the Al Gore stuff floating around? The people complaining about “WHERE’S MY GLOBAL WARMING!” I don’t think they understand climate change. But I’m biting my tongue and avoiding any absurd Twitter and/or Facebook fights.


  3. I’m perfectly delightful, even if I do live somewhere unaffected by this spate of weather. Harrumph


  4. It was below 70 today in San Diego. TRAGIC, I tell you.


  5. m: your comment reminds me of this video:

    So funny.


  6. Bwahahaha. That’s pretty damn accurate. You can at least laugh at me because I was at the dog park around dusk yesterday and got five mosquito (?) bites on my legs (through the yoga pants that San Diego requires you to wear in order to declare residency) and they are itching like craaaazyyyy.


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