Another Bathroom Update

It’s been a while since I wrote about our powder room renovation. I’m on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and so sometimes I forget what I’m sharing and where. Anyway, we’ve made some progress.

We now have wainscoting, a new door, and the floor has been tiled in penny rounds. The carpenter is also making us a small radiator cover, which isn’t yet finished. This is what all of that looks like pre-paint.

So, a few things: we were considering using penny rounds in our kitchen as well because I love the look. But they seem nearly impossible to make look 100% spatially perfect. It’s fine for a bathroom, but for a larger area, I think any off-spacing (which would be likely) would drive me bonkers. I stared at our floor for what seemed like hours. I looked online at other pictures of finished penny tiled floors and I saw spacial issues on many of those as well. And it’s making me feel crazy. In fact, Toby thinks I’m crazy and has told me to stop. I think the graphic designer in me wants to kern the living f*ck out of our floor.

One more small confession: I’m still not sure how I feel about the gray grout. I chose it because I felt it would age better. While I love the look of white grout, it just doesn’t seem to age well and gets so gross over time. So, I chose gray. It’s OK. I think. I think I’ll love it once everything else is in place.

Anyway, the painter arrives tomorrow to paint the wainscoting, the trim, the door, the radiator cover, and the walls. For the wall above the wainscoting, I have chosen a blue that matches almost perfectly with the darker glaze of the penny rounds.

I am very excited to see how our bathroom takes shape over the next couple of days. And I can’t WAIT to not have to walk my fat, pregnant ass up the stairs every time I have to pee, which is about 100 times per hour.

Exciting stuff! I’m learning a great deal. And I’m happy we did this tiny powder room first because when we move onto the kitchen and master bath, I’ll be much better at making decisions and a lot less freaked out.


  1. I love it! Congrats! We have remodeled one old house and are slow going on our second right now. You will LOVE the gray grout. It looks great with every color and never looks dirty. I would never put white grout in anywhere that I personally had to clean. Very pretty tile :).


    1. Thank you!!! Your comment has already made me feel better about everything. Seriously, thank you. And good luck with your reno!


  2. I love the penny tile! I don’t think you will regret the way darker grout cleans up and hides wear over time. Also, I agree with you about the spacial issues in a larger space, for sure. Looking good!


  3. It looks amazing, Michele! I concur on the grey grouting – very good choice.

    (Am I the only person who keeps thinking the radiator is a tiny door to hobbiton?)


  4. Krissa! Maybe you have a creative idea for a screen? Hahha Some hobbit doorway? Something? I was trying to come up with something during my nightly bout with insomnia….


  5. I love the penny round tile! Great color. And you’re SO right not to do it in the kitchen – it’s too small, and it would make you crazy. ;-) I can’t wait to see the finished bathroom – it looks very pretty so far.


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