Yes, We Have Some Bananas.

Last week I accidentally ordered at least 80 bananas. You see, we order our groceries from Fresh Direct and sometimes I screw up. There was the time I accidentally ordered 4 pounds of jalapeños.

This time, I meant to order 10 bananas. Instead, I got 10 bunches of bananas. Each bunch holds at least 8 bananas. Here is a picture of some of the bananas.

They are small bananas, but that’s still a lot of bananas. And if you don’t agree with me, you’re not human, you’re probably monkey, in which case would you like to smell my finger?

Anyway, I ate bunch. And Emory is a champ (that’s short for champion) and ate at least two bunches. He loves bananas. Elliot had a few. I tried to give some to the dog but she doesn’t like bananas. She’ll try and eat cat shit, but bananas are apparently below her.

I gave two bunches away. I froze two bunches. I am left with about three bunches. So, I’m baking. Today I am baking.

I made a gluten free custard because I also have a bunch of egg yolks leftover. (I made an angel food cake last weekend). I have a banana bread in the oven. Next up, we have chocolate chip banana muffins. After that, something healthy, spicy and whole wheat.

If anyone else has any other suggestions, I have more bananas that need homes.

Incidentally, Fresh Direct needs a “Is This A Mistake Or Are You Insane?” filter. Certainly I am not alone. Someone must have purchased 250 apples before, or 20 bags of onions.


  1. Bananas make a great base for vegan ice cream, you do all sorts of flavors. This one recipe I’ve used in the past.


  2. I have done exactly that with the jalepenos! You are not alone.

    As for the bananas, good luck! I would probably bake a ton, just like you are, and freeze some stuff.


  3. Wow. I have to believe that this gave the person who was packing the order a moment of pause. I mean if there were multiple items in bulk that might make sense, but for bananas, it would seem like it would be an easy mistake to make. It would have been really good customer service on thier part to give you a call. On the bright side, at least it’s healthy food.


  4. I often opt for grocery delivery, even though I am in the burbs – just so much easier some times. This summer I mistakenly ordered 11 bunches of asparagus instead of one. And I am the only one in the house who will eat asparagus. I had checked my order, but had missed this mistake.

    I suggested something on the Peapod FB page about a check for these sort of things. Much like in your case, the person filling the order must have asked WTF when they saw how many I wanted. But yet I still got them anyway.

    And of course, true to FB, someone was kind enough to call me an ass for my mistake for not noticing the total for my grocery bill was about $40 too high.

    Peapod told me there is a warning when you add more than 10 of something, but the way I select my items I did not see it.

    Oh well… I have lots of blanched frozen asparagus to do something with!

    And when will that banana bread be ready? Sounds good to me! Good luck with the rest of them!


  5. The katsu curry sauce from Wagamama is delicious! and it’s surprise ingredient is bananas!


  6. My boy’s favorite use of extra bananas is banana chocolate chip cookies. This is the recipe I use

    The muffins sound great! I may have to try baking some sometime. We also mash them into pancake batter. I did the banana ice cream thing once last summer. It was pretty good, I bet your boys would like it. Mine did. Maybe you could donate some to Emory’s class for their snack?
    Good Luck


  7. Wait, what do you mean the dog “tries” to eat catshit?

    The fact that my dog eats the catshit is the best thing about having the dog.

    I mean, I get skeevy and throw things when the dog tries to lick the baby with that nasty-assed mouth, but still: I don’t have to clean catshit! And I have many things to throw.

    As for bananas, banana rum cake, obviously. Look at those three words: Banana. Rum. Cake.


    1. Haha! Gross!! I stop her. Do you mean to tell me I shouldn’t? Let her scoop? Insanity! And yes, you definitely need to block it out whenever there are dog kisses.

      Why, though? Why do they like cat shit?


  8. Why? My vet says it’s because cat food is much sweeter. I think it’s because dogs are disgusting, vile, shit-eating baby-lickers, who woo us with their adorability and loyalty, then eat cat shit and lick their private parts in front of us.

    God, it’s a good thing we’re not dogs, trying to figure out what to do with 80 delicious cat turds.


  9. My cats have an outdoor ‘enclosure’ where they do their business in dirt/tree mulch, so I haven’t had to scoop poop for over a year now! Best ever! My dog does run around behind the chooks eating their poop though. So gross!


  10. Gosh, I love ya, and your blogging.


  11. Never liked bananas unless they were cooked in something like bread. I feel for you. :)


  12. Can’t help you with the actual bananas, but if you feel the need to make them into banana bread then I’ll be your new best stranger/friend. Yes, I’m one of those weirdos who hates bananas but loves me some banana bread.


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