Elliot’s First Yankee Game (Em’s too!)

You know how at big events they have people walking around, taking your picture and handing you a card telling you to go online and buy said picture later? Yes? No? Well, that happened a lot at the baseball game. Sadly, I can’t find a record of the shots they took of all of us. But this one was online. And I’m a sucker for “Firsts” so I had to buy it.

Also: I think it might be time to get over my anti-whitening toothpaste stance. For those keeping score: I’m slowly losing my perfect eyesight; I’m getting wrinkles, grey hair, and now my teeth are finally yellowing. I got my first cavity this year, too. Approaching 40 sucks, but at least I have menopause to look forward to.

One Comment

  1. I love this pic. You have a fabulous smile and your happiness just jumps through the picture. Thank you for sharing it!



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