Elliot: Lucky 13. And Rescue Ink.

Elliot is 13 months old today. These shots were taken outside of a Cracker Barrel while we were driving to DC.

The tear is all drama. He’s doing his best Johnny Depp impression.

An aside: while at the Cracker Barrel I ran into Des “The Cat Man” of Rescue Ink. I didn’t recognize him, but he and the guy he was with were both wearing Rescue Ink t-shirts. Naturally, I had to bug them, express my gratitude for their work.


  1. Whenever I see the beautiful pictures you put of your beautiful children it makes me wanna pick up my NikonD200 and shoot my kids :) My son is so not as well documented as my daughter.



  2. He’s BEAUTIFUL!

    And I can’t believe he is 13 months! I’m still thinking of him as a teeny little baby! Holy cow!



  3. Amazing photo. What a cutie.



  4. I’d like to eat him for dinner…with a side of veggies of course cuz I’m trying to keep it healthy these days.



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