NYC Half.

Today I found out that I didn’t make it into the NYC half marathon. I realize it’s a lottery and all, but I kind of had my heart set on it somehow. I was admittedly pretty crushed and started to feel that hint of depression I so often experience after the holidays and on into spring. A March run would have been perfect.

What can I say? I was bummed.

So I tweeted about it and a bunch of people wrote back with suggestions, including my brother, who always cheers me up. (Thanks, Ryan!) So I signed up for the DC Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon on March 17th, which is the same weekend I had put aside for the NYC Half. Ryan is going to do the full marathon. We’ll have a great time. And I love DC.

Anyway, sorry I haven’t written much lately! The holiday season hit us hard this year and I was scrambling to fulfill a bunch of lollipop orders. This is my biggest season for lollipop sales.

I will write more in the upcoming year. I have goals: to run a half marathon and write more. Also: BAKING. But that’s a given.

Lastly, and more importantly: Happy New Year, my friends!


  1. I’ve heard great things about the RnR races. I’m still debating the Nashville RnR race in April :)


  2. Yeah, I think it’ll be fun. You should! Just DO IT! :] We can work toward it together.


  3. I know how it feels. I didn’t get in the NYC full marathon last year. But the half marathons are the perfect races. They are challenging and there are many more options since they are more common. A friend of mine ran the RnR Providence half last year. She said it was fun even though it rained.


  4. Good luck with your training! Maybe you know this, but NYRR now has a guaranteed entry program (run 4/5 borough half-marathons, volunteer once) for the NYC Half. You could do that and run NYC next year.


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