My Boys.

Sorry it’s been so long. But look at this chin! I can’t stop smooching his fat little head. I kind of wish he was a more difficult baby and less squishy cute, because he has me wanting more. MORE BOYS!

His favorite person is Emory. No matter how upset or grumpy Elliot is, if Em talks to him, he lights up. He adores his big brother. And Emory wants him to GROW UP ALREADY! So they can play.

My Em. He’s my buddy. I love my buddy.

We’re heading to New Jersey for a few days to hang out before I return to culinary school. So I’ll be updating a lot next week. There’s a pretty important anniversary approaching and I really want to write about it. More to come!


  1. It didn’t take long for Em’s curls to return.


  2. Michele Chaves June 3, 2011 at 10:09 am

    These pictures are great! So happy for you!


  3. Cuties! Elliot is growing so fast!


  4. Ah-dorable!

    You make some good looking kids.


  5. So cute! They could not be more adorable.


  6. Yay, you’re back!! What beautiful boys. I went through an intense “maybe we’ll have a third” phase too when my second daughter was tiny. Now she’s eight months and I’m selling off all that baby gear, LOL! Not that I love her any less…just the sleep deprivation caught up with me and I came to my senses!


  7. So CUTE! My boy was just born April 30th. I had two girls and didn’t know what to think of him, but now? MORE BOYS, PLEASE! When he came out the NICU was there and I didn’t see him for a while but they said “He has a double chin” and every day since April 30th I make sure to kiss that extra chin!


  8. Your boys are beautiful! I have three, and there were all achingly darling–when I look at their little boy pictures now I can’t get over how cute…Now they are my “old boys”; 22 and newly married, 20 and thriving in college, 16 and a mixed bag; if I’d gotten an earlier start, I might have four; a friend with SEVEN mourns the nearing end of her time with children-at-home. I’m guessing that if have more, you won’t regret it (at least on most days!) Investing your life in human beings who have immortal souls is one of the hardest, but most worthwhile things a person can do with her/his life.


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