House of Sickness

Forgive me for the lack of posts; it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. First, Elliot got sick. (It had nothing to do with a vaccine; he hasn’t yet received one.) He just came down with Em’s cold, as did I. But having a sick newborn sucks. There’s nothing you can do for them and they have no idea that things get better. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I have no idea how parents with chronically and/or terminally ill babies continue on. But that’s depressing, so enough about that.

Anyway, Elliot had a fever and many of you know if a baby under 8 weeks of age has a fever above 100.4, you’re supposed to take them straight to the ER to rule out something more serious like bacterial meningitis. But we held out and I’m super glad that we did. Basically, the on-call pediatrician explained to me that if we take him in, it’s a huge workup, one that includes a spinal tap. She said that as a doctor, she has to tell me to take him to the ER. She went on to say that as a mother of three, she would wait and see if he started to act strange. Like, if he stops eating, becomes lethargic. She said stop taking his temperature every 20 minutes and just wait. She said try and get him to sleep to see if that would lower his temperature. So, that’s what we did.

An hour later his temperature was lower and we were in the clear.

Anyway, he’s fine. He’s sick with a cold, but he’s fine. It’s lingering too, which sucks because he’s relatively miserable and congested. And I’ve tried saline and suction and it works some, but not for long and not enough. And hearing a newborn cough? Terrible sound, just awful. It’s been a long couple of weeks. I’ll leave it at that.

So, I haven’t been able to update too much lately. When I do find spare moments, I’m off to make lollipops.

I have so much to report, so many updates. I hope to find time at some point. It’s amazing how much more work having two children is, especially since Emory is out of school this week. I was warned that two would be more work, but holy shit! Yeah, everyone was right. I’m not complaining, but this might explain why I don’t have a great deal of time to update the blog or post pictures. It doesn’t help Elliot is still very much attached to me! Although, things have gotten better. I figured out how to use the Ergo AND the Maya! He’s also getting more and more used to being away from my body. So, that’s good.

For example, right now he’s in his crib next to the oven. It’s not on, but the oven fan is! And that’s on full blast. Kid loves white noise. The dryer puts him into a coma.

I should be able to write more in the upcoming days and weeks. I hope to, at least.

Happy Passover and Easter! Spring Break or whatever!


  1. Yep, we went through that when Poppy was five weeks. Spinal tap, blood and urine cultures, 48-hour hospital stay with IV antibiotics. The kicker was that she had VIRAL–not bacterial–meningitis and there is nothing you can do for that. It passes on its own. I’ve often wondered if I did the wrong thing by bringing her in, though her fever was getting higher even with Tylenol (101 at my last reading but 102.6 by the time we got to the hospital). It was pretty miserable all around. Fortunately, since all of us had the same cold (viral meningitis acts just like a cold and had been going around last fall), I was never really worried–just annoyed about all the damn interventions!


  2. keeping the oven fan on for him is so awesome :) Hope he gets well Fast!


  3. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. What a wonderful pediatrician to advise you to watch and wait. Has anyone mentioned trying breast milk for his stuffy nose? I would drop it in his nose with a medicine dropper instead of the saline. It did bring a little relief. :)


  4. Totally unrelated.
    You have been scooped Mihow!
    They stole yer idear!


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