Maternity Clothing.

I’m using my blog for this because I feel weird about sending out a mass-email asking my New York friends if they are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant. Seems entirely to presumptuous and rude. I know that when I was desperately trying to get pregnant, had someone written me out of the blue asking if I needed a bunch of maternity clothing, I probably would have just sobbed onto my computer keyboard. So, instead of doing that, I’ll write this passive post instead.

(Wow, longest caveat EVER!)

I have a box of pretty decent maternity clothing that needs a home. There is both summer stuff (shorts, a dress) and winter stuff. There are a few sweaters as well as a few dresses. I have some jeans as well. I also have a winter coat! So if you’re thinking of getting knocked up, say, right around June or July, you’ll totally need this coat come next winter.

Let me know if you’re pregnant or getting pregnant or know of someone who’s pregnant. I’d love to gift these to a local friend or a friend of a local friend. Send me an email if you know of anyone! (Yes, I’d like to stay local. I don’t really feel like dragging this box to the Greenpoint post office to ship out.)