Brioche! And My Recent Busy Days.

Forgive me in my delay (yet again) in updating. The Etsy feature has sent me so many new customers and orders, I don’t know which end is up anymore! Don’t get me wrong, I am ecstatic by the turnout. But holy CRAP have I ever been busy!

I’ve been making lollipops for days and days straight. It’s a good thing Em is in school three days a week so I can run out and make candy. But this is exactly where I want to be. I could not be happier with the way things are going right now.

Let’s see, what else is going on? Pastry school!

We’re learning all things bread at school, which has been awesome. Bread (and candy!) is ultimately why I decided to go back to school to refine my baking/confectionary skills. I love bread. It’s just so alive and amazing. Plus, the variety! It’s never-ending.

We went from studying the direct method of bread-making, to the sponge method. We’re now onto brioche and donuts. Oh yes, you read that right: donuts.

I don’t have recipes to share just yet, but I do have some pictures!

Sadly, I have none of the donuts as they are all in my Toby Joe’s tummy. (This fact is hilarious, as Toby Joe doesn’t like sweets. I found his weakness! Ha!)

I’ll have a Murray post up later today. He’s taking the morning off. (And his Mama is off making lollipops.)


  1. Dude! How unfair to post such phenomenal looking baked goods when there is no chance that I can swing by for a cup of tea and a sampling of them! They all look absolutely divine. And donuts? Who can resist donuts??


  2. Have you learned how to make Almond Brioche yet? That’s my personal favorite.


  3. Holy crap. What is that bread on the left that’s round and looks like a cross-section of wood? WANT!

    (Not that I wouldn’t gleefully eat each and everything pictured here.)

    I love bread. I used to walk around the grocery store cradling the loaf of bread, just sniffing it.


  4. Love reading about someone following their passion! Enjoy it all!! oh yeah, and kick ass on getting a feature, very cool.


  5. I now want to rush to your house and eat baked goods until I can’t move. Those look amazing!


  6. I was so excited to see the lollipops feature on Etsy. Congrats again!


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