This Picture Says 1000 AWESOME Words.

Emory set up this shot. He put the creatures on the table, arranged them, and then went and grabbed my heavy Nikon D200, turned it on and yelled, “SAY CHEESE!”

So: that’s me in the background telling me how not to drop it and where to aim. We have about 27 versions similar to the shot above.

Why is Bert so antisocial? Even my almost 3-year-old has him figured out.

P.S. I missed Tuesdays With Murray yesterday. I will make it up to you Murray lovers. He’s a great cat. Keeping him all to myself is criminal. More to come. Promise.


  1. Hard-hat dude looks far too excited, kind of like he was celebrating 4/20. =P


  2. Ernie totally wishes he’d indulged on 4/20 with hard-hat dude.


  3. I used to have those sesame street guys when I was little! We still have Bert but Ernie is long gone. I don’t suppose you know where you can buy those now do you? I’d love to get a new set to go with my 30+ year old sesame street play house! :)


  4. I cannot look at this image and not laugh. If you start seeing me as “god” (which my brother pointed out on Facebook after our cousin who has a mixed race child pointed out that the lady seemed “segregated” from the crowd) it gets even funnier.

    And, dude, that guys arms are like WAY UP in the air and he’s the only one sitting down.

    It’s hilarious.


  5. Wow. Judging by the comment above, it sounds as though I celebrated a little 420 myself.


  6. you are right! SUPER AWESOME!! poor bert :(


  7. Definitely awesome! Hard hatter was high and just heard and awesome joke. I woke up last week to find some star wars lego guys in some, umm, awkward positions. I was a little scared until my son stood them all up saying they just fell down. Odd how they fell right into each others laps :) At least your son keeps it pg.


  8. I was having a rather annoying day, but then I saw this photo, and now all I can do is walk around my office, randomly throwing my arms in the air like hard-hat man, yelling, “Wooo-hoo!”

    Thanks, Emory.


  9. Awww I love that People still exist! (people being the toys lol) I used to play with people all the time when I was little!


  10. Oh that is so wicked!

    (Wicked in Aussie slang, means cool.)


  11. what an awesome Mama you are letting him hold your D200, my daughter is only allowed to push the button on mine:)


  12. You should let Emory set up more shots! This is great! Regular feature, please!


  13. I used to have those Sesame Street people! Aside from loving the photo I love the flashback it gave me!

    George – “wicked” in New England slang can also mean cool – among assorted other things!


  14. The woman totally seems like “How did I end up at this party with a bunch of losers?”

    Sandtray therapy is like this, setting up figurines in a scene, coming up with a story.


  15. I adore this shot. Bert is clearly jealous that Ernie is giving too much attention to the high construction worker – but can we blame him, construction workers can be hawt.


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