I DID IT! 4 Miles! Central Park!

Today I ran in the JP Morgan Chase Run as One 4 miler. It was a short one. (I’m starting small this time. Several years ago I signed up for the NYC Marathon and got hurt trying to train. Stupid.) But I have to tell you: I’m pretty proud of myself. It turns out, I’m a bit faster than I thought I was. (Still on the slow side, though. But who cares!)

I’m apparently highly allergic to something in Central Park though; I haven’t stopped sneezing since I finished and my nose is cherry red from all the tissue use. Brutal. How do you allergy sufferers deal with this nonsense?

But: YAY ME!

I’m hooked. I’m going to do the R Baby Mother’s Day Run in May.


  1. Congratulations! Beating your goal time is always a nice surprise. Don’t forget to do some extra stretching later. :)


  2. Gongrats from a very proud dad. And to your brother too if he reads this.


  3. Good for you!!! Congrats!


  4. Yay! Congrats! (I’m told marathons are quite addictive – It’s a good evil to have!)


  5. I medicate every morning – Claritin for every day use and some Nasanex spray if I know I’m going to be facing some “extra” test of my immune system. Allergies can seriously slow you down, so make sure you stop it beforehand!!

    Congratulations on your running!!


  6. Congratulations!!!

    I finally took a Benadryl on Friday night and it cleared me right up. But, it causes drowsiness.


  7. A) Rock out…starting small is the wise way to go…B) I used to have really nasty allergies…and then I found neti pot…BRILLIANT, now I rarely have to go to drugs to clear things up!


    1. Hours later and one Benadryl and I’m still suffering. OUCH, dude. OUCH. I saw that NYC’s pollen count is HIGH and in the red. Makes sense. OAK! FREAKING OAK TREES! :]

      Thank you, everyone! I am excited to make this a usual thing. I like doing something healthy for myself. :]


  8. Congratulations! You rock!


  9. Aww, you made it. So happy for you! Any chance we see a picture of the event? :)

    I’m so sorry your nose is suffering. You must be allergic to something. Maybe the season changes. My mom is. Sudden change of temperature too. Her nose become just like Rudolph’s.


  10. Glad the poster on the last topic gave you the advice to blog about all kinds of events in your life. I certainly like reading about all your adventures mommyhood and otherwise. Thanks for sharing, motivates me to get out there and exercise. Even if it is just taking my toddler for a stroll in the evenings :)


  11. I take a sudafed (the no need to talk to the pharmacist kind) chlortrimaton (I know I’m spelling that wrong) hybrid. It *mostly* helps. It’s actually one of the few meds I’ve taken that hasn’t left me feeling like crap, though I know a few people that can’t take chlortrimaton without getting completely knocked off their feet.

    I also don’t really do much outdoor stuff, though. I have ‘mild’ asthma, though it doesn’t feel mild when my chest is in a vice and I can’t take in a full breath!


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