A Big Etsy WTF.

I admit, I have an addiction when it comes to Etsy. I just can’t stop buying things, they’re not pricey things, but they’re things nonetheless. (Once I receive said things in the mail, I will definitely share them with you.)

But this thing? Even as an addict, there’s just no way. Even I can’t find a use for this. And the better part is, I found this by “Pouncing” the recent buys, which means someone just bought this for his or her dog or cat (or pig?).

In other news, I feel really bad for that someone’s pet. And if any of you suggest I buy this for Murray, he’ll likely have you killed.

Later that day….

Not nearly as much WTF as the item I linked to above, but if my parents had gotten me this when I was a kid, I’d have had nightmares for weeks. Although, that probably says more about my imagination as a child more so than the actual item. So, you go ahead and buy your friend a centaur for her upcoming baby shower.


  1. I feel like this seller mistook the “modesty patches” that people photo shop onto pet pictures for an actual physical item. Why would you do that to a pet?


  2. I almost HAVE to buy that. Murray does like to sprawl out on the floor showing everyone his boys. Perhaps I should buy him two?


  3. Maybe it was purchased by someone on regretsy? Have you ever read regretsy? I will admit I get a lot of laughs from that site.



  4. Or you could just use old business cards and a glue stick. It’s time to get crafty!


  5. Oh dear lord.

    I think just one makes it look too obvious in the picture. Clearly you would have to haphazardly cover the rest of your pet as well.


  6. The drawings (and pic of the package) make it appear it hangs off the tail instead of sticking to the appropriate place.

    I’m still trying to decide if I find that any better.


  7. Considering the way our cat proudly shows off his, er, nether region, I seriously doubt he would ever go for this. Unless, of course, the picture on it was like that naked lady silhouette on mudflaps. You know, something cool. And manly.


  8. Is this the equivalent of truck nuts?

    No, because they aren’t given a choice and dudes that sport truck nuts are damn proud of those balls.


  9. at least its a little hang-tag / air-freshener and not some sort of plug.


  10. I just clicked your link to the pet patches, and they are now sold out! Hilarious!


  11. The world is apparently on the way to ending…who in the world would buy that?? Too funny.


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