Cool Stuff I Got From Etsy and Amazon.

I got some stuff recently from Etsy and Amazon that I want to share with you.

First: The mug.

Toby Joe likes his mugs large. He uses at least two teabags for every cup of tea and his shots of espresso are usually quadrupled. So, for christmas I got him a large coffee mug. It’s as beautiful as it looks.

The mug comes from Twisted River Clay. On top of it being a really great piece of pottery, Ron Sbardella is just a super nice person. Check out his work.

Second: The notecard.

A few weeks ago, a neighbor and friend dropped off an anti-fur pin for me. (It’s a long story that can be summed up by saying: I loathe fur. If you wear it, I judge you. Period.) Along with the pin, she included a really sweet greeting card. I was inspired, so I hit Etsy and found these made by Kseniya.

They’re embossed. The paper is really heavy. I look forward to sending out my first one.

Third: Nerdy (but pretty!) stuff.

Toby Joe recently told me about these laptop protectors someone was selling on Etsy. He wanted one that has an Apple die-cut. I searched, and discovered that there are actually many. I got him the Apple cutout made by Lana Kole. (I don’t have a picture of it, but it’s great.) I got myself a more girly one.

It’s awesome. It’s made by Groovy Lids. I should mention that the only problem I had with it was it was slightly too tall for my lap book so I had to cut it down to fit. But don’t let that scare you. I’m featuring it here because I’m really happy with it. (Better too tall than too short, right?)

Last: For the kid.

Last but not least, I got these Crayola markers for Emory.

There are 64 of them. They’re smaller in size and super easy for him to hold. And there are so many colors, I’ve found that all I want to do is color.

Do you have an Etsy shop? Any great finds on Etsy or elsewhere? Link to them or email me! I love finding great shit.


  1. My friends have this etsy shop of porcelain creatures and other wonderful knick-knacks: KG+AB

    I have the “Bears in Love” and they are the most awesome item in my entire apartment.


  2. Oh! How I love the bears in love one!

    I do wonder, however, if it stands a chance in our home up against Emory and Murray.

    Those are great, Taratory. Much thanks!


  3. This is one of my favorite shops on etsy – I’ve purchased 3 desk calendars from her so far. She has gorgeous letterpress and screenprint calendars and cards. I love her simple style.


  4. Oh, and…

    Best bags EVER for food shopping. They fold up to tiny little rolls for your bag, they hold tons and they are so cute. I have a 5-pack, LOVE them.


  5. Yeah, the bears probably don’t stand a chance in a toddler/curious kitty household. Although I am keeping them in a very clumsy household and so far, so good.

    I second the envirosax. In fact, I may just order some more right now!


  6. Oh, I love this! I have a few favorite Etsy shops and I love to talk about them.

    happy day studio makes awesome hand-drawn and hand-painted watercolor greeting cards. I have even had her custom make and personalize a couple of cards for me:

    Dodge Boys Mom makes these flannel burp cloths that made me the hit of the baby shower circuit earlier this yet. My SILs both kept asking me if I could get them more!!

    Thanks for letting me share these shops!!


  7. OH, you guys! Thank you so much for sharing these!


  8. This is a really great idea – Etsy is such a HUGE place, it is nice to get some specific favorites from people. is a really good site for finding random awesome things for yourself, gifts, etc. A lot of Etsy shops are noted on here as well.


  9. LOVE those envelopes! I have a friend who stamps her own. She’ll love those. I also bought Pip Squeak markers for my peeps and they dried up after about a day. :( I think we just got a bum pack.

    I’m just learning to knit, and my friend who’s teaching me showed me this Etsy shop… such cool stuff for knitters:


  10. I love love looooove Etsy and I’m currently working on a little shop of my own.

    I found this shop through another blog, which you might like.


  11. LOVE those cards! I am a big fan of letterpress. Went out today and got the markers for the kiddos. Thanks for that suggestion!

    So, my most recent Etsy purchases have been prints from this guy: I like his ‘By Order of the Management’ series.

    I got S a skirt from this lady: Really well made and super cute.

    I got mommy calling cards from this shop: Nice to have for arranging play dates.


  12. Thanks for the mention. – Ron


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