Awww They Misspelled Douchebag.

I’ve been Debbie Downer lately and overall things are going really well. Anyway, I wanted to lighten things up a bit and post a picture of a license plate I saw while waiting at a red light the other day. Crazy, eh?

Seriously, what’s the deal with this person? I am hoping it’s for a movie or something.


  1. i f’ing love this title / picture combo.


  2. Me, too! Also, you be Debbie Downer all you need to be, although this is hilarious.


  3. I am picturing them giving themselves a high five when they picked up that plate, “Yeah, man… soooooo coooooooool.” :)


  4. Ah, assholes. They are everywhere. How reassuring.


  5. That is a very expensive car! They may not have taste, but, they do have money.


  6. Oh I am ashamed to know this but I think the plate is an instruction for leasing the car. My dad’s lady friend just leased a car for a month for my dad, for his birthday. (an aston martin db9).and the plate was so embarrassing – AU55OME. get it? ugh.


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