Not My Friend Nathan.

This might be the single most awesome comment this blog has ever seen. Like, I think my work is done here. Blog for sale!

Lady are u insane? Speaking as a 12 year old, when I was 5 I didnt think about any thing like what you are talking about. except… this is SO funny and thats a cute monkey. No 5 year old EVER think’s about this kind of stuff and just for the record you are an over protective MOM!

P.S Crazy you should keep your opinion to your self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sincerely: not your friend Nathan. :(

For those feeling a little curious, it’s in response to a post I wrote about how Curious George is a bad role model for our children. Click here to read the EXTREMELY TRUE AND SERIOUS post.

(Nathan: I was just kidding. Please be my friend?)


  1. Ok, I am seriously wiping tears from my eyes. I hope you got a good chuckle out of this! When I read the comment the first time, I thought to myself, “Bloggers should have age filters to keep children from commenting on posts, ” but then I read it again and the sheer genius behind this comment began to sink in! I think bloggers (mommy and not) have found the new desirable audience! Moody, pre-pubescent, “not our friend” poop-head kids!


  2. Oh, we got a HUGE chuckle and I really needed it today. So awesome.

    Come to think of it, I know of a few older haters that could really use a lesson or two from Nathan. His “hate” comments are sweet as pie.

    Speak of pie, this over-protective mom might want to adopt him. Or at least take him out for a cupcakes. I’ll even wear a yellow hat.


  3. I know the Curious George post took a lot of work, but Nathan’s comment usurps it in awesomeness. Sorry, Mihow!

    P.S. Does he have a blog I can follow too?


  4. i am sad that nathan is not your friend. however, i will totally be your friend.

    nathan is totally jealous of our friendship.


  5. egirl: totally surpasses the original post! I love him.

    But not as much as you, sambot.


  6. Lady u r sane. Speaking as a 33-year-old, when I was 12, I may or may not have understood sarcasm. I’m not sure.

    All I know is I <3 Nathan. He is awesomesauce.

    And yes, I am pretty sure your work on this Earth is done. Game over. Blog FTW!


  7. LOL

    This Nathan kid, he’s pretty awesome.

    (Your are too,mihow, but Nathan…he’s like a new level of awesomenessnessNESS)


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