Wanna See My Kid Eat Dirt?

Friends of ours visited last weekend. We met them for brunch and then we hit the playground because that’s what all the cool kids do after brunch. While there, something came over my son. I’m not sure if he was trying to show off for Gayla or what. But he started to imitate Cookie Monster. Here’s the video.

He’s done this before, just not with dirt.

Thoughts on ways to let him know that eating dirt isn’t how you pick up girls?


  1. Hey, I think he’s pretty cute while eating dirt, and I am willing to bet he’ll have no trouble finding a few young ladies who agree with me!


  2. So when did he start listening to GB?


  3. When Gerry entered his life. ;]


  4. Ha! Sorry, Greg. I just saw that you weren’t the Greg I thought you were. :] The Greg I responded to is a friend of mine (and gerry’s) It would have made sense to him! But you were probably thinking, “Who the hell is Gerry?”

    Anyway… my apologies for thinking there’s just one greg!


  5. This is positively adorable! Such a special moment captured forever…one that will keep the family laughing for years to come.


  6. He’s adorbale!

    And in kindergarden I used to eat mud. Regularly.

    So I think he’s off to a good start.


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