Who's Been Sleeping In Em's Bed? (TWM: Ch 113)

When we got back from Florida I noticed that Em’s bed was COVERED in dark cat hair. Pookum is white (with a few brown spots) and Tucker is orange, so I knew it had to be Murray. The thing is, I haven’t seen Murray snuggle up in Em’s crib since they were both babies. So, I still wasn’t sure.

A few days ago: busted.

And he’s been busted several time since then. But Emory doesn’t seem to care at all.

(A few things: A “bappy” is a pacifier. A “binky” is the orange pillow also known as a lovie in some circles.)


  1. Love how Emory’s all like, “Whatevs” and Murray’s like, “I’m too tired for my close up right now, lady, take a hike….ahhh, petting.”

    This is so appropriate because I just went to change and crawl into bed and what did I find? My 17 year old cat Tigger sprawled there with his belly in the air … on top of my pajamas. Damn.

    Cats are such opportunistic bums.


  2. My love affair with Murray continues! This vid is hysterical. Em is sweet as can be and reminds me so much of my H in mannerisms.


  3. Murray is adorable, and clearly has no time for your camera funtime. Reminds me of our kitties, and the odd places they make their own. Nice :)


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