Our Water Park

For the record, there’s a great deal of awesome about this neighborhood. For example, the water park at McCarren Park playground is absolutely incredible. I look forward to taking my son there. I haven’t seen so much collective joy on a group of children’s faces outside of Disney World.

This was taken last August.

These were taken yesterday.

Pretty awesome, right? You don’t find this type of thing in the suburbs!

Granted, you don’t find clean lakes in the city, which is what we had while staying at my folk’s house last week.

The lakes by them are the color of cedar! (It’s natural and safe—from trees.) He called the lake Big Water.

We went to the lake each and every day. It became Emory’s most favorite thing to do. He loved it. (I think his father enjoyed it as well!)

We saw the ocean as well, a scant 20 miles from us. He called the ocean Big Big Water. Toby Joe became a full time father, (while I sat around on my butt and put on weight). I needed a break and the boys needed the bonding. By the end of our stay, Em wanted nothing to do with Mama. It was Dadda! this and Dadda! that. It was pretty great all around.

Once we got back, I thankfully had the water park to fill the void made by leaving the lake. We’ve been there every day since. It is simply fantastic. And I wanted everyone to know that.