Motherf*lter: Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers

Moms and dads: these are a must have. Don’t have kids? Buy them for someone who does! They’re the perfect birthday gift. Emory loves them. He loves them so much, he carries them around with him all over the house and recites each letter to us.

We got ours at Target, but you can buy them from Amazon as well. I really and completely recommend them. These letters and numbers are currently Em’s favorite toys next to his animals. (Which I will write about at a later date.)

The Munchkin Numbers and Letters stick to the shower and bathtub (as well as the baby!) and they’re educational. What more can a parent ask for?

The only drawback is if you have an oral kid, he or she may enjoy the occasional chew. A few of his letters now have perfect little teeth marks on them.


  1. Thanks can’t wait to get my little one some! I recently bought some bathtub markers from walmart and they were awful (we live in rural oklahoma and shopping is limited unless I order online). I kept trying to tell him you write on the side of the tub but he wanted to write on the bottom and markers emerced in water do nothing LOL


  2. Did anyone else look at that picture and think, “OH MY GOD! WHY IS THAT KID STANDING IN THE BATHTUB!?”

    or was it just me?


  3. I didn’t think why the little boy is standing in the bathtub, we are past the stage of getting mad at that! My son usually climbs in the shower (within the tub) with me, so he’s always standing up anyhow.


  4. we loved those! we also liked tub crayons and tub paints – like finger paints. some brands are better than others, some take some scrubbing to remove, but they make kiddies very happy! btw, shaving cream is an insanely fun, sensory tub experience.


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