Emory On So You Think You Can Dance.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post called Please Don’t Blush about how Emory had become self-conscious and stopped dancing. I have good news! My boy is back.

The video below was taken yesterday while showing my mother a few dance numbers from Wednesday’s So You Think You Can Dance. One of the numbers was a hip hop routine and it turned Emory into a dancing machine. (His second favorite was the Bollywood routine.)

Unfortunately, I was too busy smiling from ear-to-ear, basking in the joy of my son’s return to dance to film his first attempt. But he wanted more! So I got it the second time around. He’s a little tired in this one, but it’s still awesome. And I am so happy my son is dancing again.


A few things to note: He’s watching this routine. And he was really trying to emulate their moves. For example, when he comes at me, he’s acting out what the dancers are doing. And whenever he grabs the sides of his head, the dancers are messing with headphones. For those of you who may have seen this, you’ll probably (albeit loosely) follow his smooth moves. :]

The baseball bat? Entirely his own addition.


  1. SO Adorable! Your son is a gem.


  2. I lost it at 0:55, when he just stops and shakes his leg.


  3. I love it! He’s just too cute!!


  4. Michele Chaves June 12, 2009 at 11:56 am

    OMG, that is so cute.


  5. He is so darn adorable – happy that the dancing is back


  6. holy. crap. amazing.


  7. that is really sweet, i like the tongue sticking out.


  8. Oh my god. He is a dancin’ machine.


  9. He’s so cute! i love how he pauses and checks out their moves and then keeps on dancin’!


  10. HEYYY! i just started reading your page yesterday.. i dont even remember how i even ran into it… hmm. good question. anyways, i love the way u write. i started reading one then i couldnt stop! ur addicting! anyways, ur son is adorable, watch out jabbawokeez. btw, i love the homeless nest story LOL! great visuals


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