Behold! The Kettler Navigator.

It’s been a while since I last wrote about this, but we finally pulled the trigger on a Kettler bike for Em. It was money well spent. He loves it. My only complaint is I can no longer keep him stationary whenever we’re out and we stop moving for one second. He’s up and running in no time. But other than that, the bike is awesome. (I think I heard you can buy a seatbelt for them. I may do that.)

We ended up with the the Kettler Navigator. It’s a little pricey, but I like the fact that I can steer. The bike is quite durable as well. I wasn’t expecting it to be as nicely made. If we do decide to have another kid, it will definitely last.


We also picked up an easel for him a couple of months back. We ended up with the Melissa and Doug Standing Easel. Again, money well spent. He loves it.

(P.S. This week’s Mom It Down will be up later this evening. You won’t be let down! One word: Chocolate.)


  1. so glad to see this and read your review. we are testing out models, too. we just went to target last night and tried out a radio flyer. he loved it but it didn’t have the feature helping parents steer from the back. at first i thought i could live without it. but after a few trips up and down the aisles, my back was ready to get the navigator. now, to read your comments – has confirmed our decision! also, good point abt the durability. so many kid things are made so poorly these days. longevity is key for these “investments” !


  2. Houpley; We did the same thing with the radio flyer. It also didn’t feel as solid. I guess you kind of get what you pay for? That one would have been fine probably, but for the extra cash if you have it, you’ll be thankful, I imagine.


  3. We splurged on a stroller from Sweden. That thing would not die, went up mountains, looking at fireflies, to the laundrymat , from birth until 4 years, and then we sold it for a pretty penny !


  4. What a handsome boy! We were between a trike and wagon and we went with the wagon instead. Now I’m wishing I got the trike…

    Can he pedal it by himself yet? My kid is *so* uncoordinated, that’s what deterred me!


  5. Look how cute he is! Highly recommend the seatbelt. Ours came with one but it looks like you can buy them separately It really helps in keeping them contained. Shepard still puts his on even though he rides on his own and can actually undo it as well :)


  6. Did you ever decide on getting him a toy kitchen? I am still trying to decide on if/when I get one for my daughter…and which one if we do. (nearly 2 years old).


  7. Kelly: We have not yet. We looked and looked and could not decide. I was afraid of going with the red one (forget where it comes from again!) because everyone said it was so hard to put together! Plus, we have limited space. Eventually we will get one. Em plays with the one they have at school and school is almost over and we’re not able to afford it again, so I will probably get him one at that time.

    I’ll update the day I do!


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