Cupcake! WOW!

I’ve been baking cupcakes for Monday’s Mom It Down. I’m learning stuff, perfecting stuff by simplifying it as much as I can. In doing so, I have had quite a few cupcakes around lately. This is what happens when Emory realizes there are cupcakes in the house.
And we’re not sure where this technique originated, my guess is at school. But it’s awesome. He pretend eats stuff and then uses his hands to show it moving down into his belly.

Last, but not least, today is not only Pony Day at school, but costume day as well. Look at mommy’s little Chelsea soccer player!


Happy Friday, my friends.


  1. His reaction to cupcakes is equivalent to my reaction to cupcakes when I’m PMSing.


  2. Cupcakes could end wars.


  3. Must remember to make more cupcakes. Look at the happiness?!?!

    Love Em in his little Chelsea outfit (don’t tell my Chelsea-hating, Arsenal supporting English husband though…).


  4. Actually, Wendy, we were looking for Arsenal gear. It’s impossible to find (short notice) here. So a friend of mine donated this to me for the day. We are actually Arsenal fans. :] So, you can tell your hubby maybe he’s going undercover?

    I just wanted him to go as a soccer player! I realize that some folks in England and beyond might kick my ass for that. I guess it’d be like a Boston fan settling for a Yankees uniform just because they couldn’t find Boston gear. THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.

    We are Arsenal fans, although, I really was bummed when Thierry Henry left for Barcelona. I loved watching him play with Arsenal.


  5. Love those videos. Cupcakes could solve a lot of problems. I proclaim today cupcake day. Everyone needs to eat a cupcake today. Annie will be very happy to hear this.


  6. OMG! He is sooo cute. I love his eating re-enactment when he sees the photo of cupcakes. Priceless!!


  7. I’m inspired. Cupcakes for dinner it is. Could your child be any happier? Cuter? Sweeter?

    *noticed the book in your pic – we also have Moo Baa La La La. Jack loves it. He reads it to us – La La La La is pretty much how the whole book goes.


  8. Your child is just so cute.


  9. Cutest kid ever. (I’m going to pace around my house this afternoon screaming “Cupcake!” to anyone who’ll listen.)


  10. adorable! cupcakes are a big hit in our house too.
    i wanted to ask you about emory’s shoes. we are having trouble right now finding a good pair that he can easily manage. he is a 7 1/2. but those look promising. not too bulky. do you like them?


  11. Mmm, cupcakes!! I haven’t made those in eons. Maybe this is THE weekend. Of course, in our house, they won’t last past the first hour…


  12. Should you need an (un)official cupcake taste tester for this series, you should feel free to let me know!


  13. Everyone: Thanks for saying Em’s cute. It never gets old and I do appreciate hearing it.

    Michele: I love the idea of turning today into CUPCAKE DAY! Yay for cupcakes!

    Jon: Seriously? I was begging people to take them from me today in the park! Granted, they are all moms who probably don’t like to stuff themselves full of cupcakes just because I say so.

    I wish I had run into you! I literally carried 7 around today trying to find homes for them.


  14. Michele-


    Next time, txt or twitter me. If I’m in brooklyn, I’ll take them. If I’m not in brooklyn, I’ll make ‘arrangements’.


  15. Oh, good to hear you are Arsenal fans! The husband calls them his boyhood team, but he was actually born a stone’s throw from Chelsea football ground and grew up in Leicester. He says he just likes the way Arsenal play.

    And yes, I too was so disappointed by Henry leaving. He was just wonderful.


  16. Michele! Come be our London neighbors… we’re maybe a 40 minute stroll away from Emirates Stadium. And Dante would have fun with a cupcake-loving playmate. ;)


  17. Rion, I wish! I love London. Would move there in a second if I could.


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