Mom It Down: Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

This recipe is nothing amazing, but it sure beats spending an arm and a leg on pre-made pizza dough from the store. Plus, you get to control what goes into it. And I love controlling what goes into my baked goods. (HFCS, I’m talking to you.)

What you will need

  • Food processor
  • Saran wrap
  • Pizza stone (optional)


  • 1 package dry yeast
  • 1 1/4 cups lukewarm water
  • 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon honey (or sugar)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

Mom it down!

Add the yeast and water to your food processor. Proof it for five minutes. Add everything else.

Mix it up until a ball forms around the blade.

Remove the dough from the mixer and knead it for a bit on a lightly floured surface. Separate the dough into four balls. Place all four balls in a dish, cover it with saran wrap and refrigerate! You’re finished! 

Let that chill in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. (Although, I bet you can cut a corner or two here.)

When you’re ready to make your pizza, let the dough reach room temperature first. Roll it out and go to town. 

The dough will last up to three days in the refrigerator. So, you can have pizza one night, and calzones the next. (Or you can feed it to a cat who’ll eat anything.)

Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the finished pizza because I ate the subject so fast.

Overcoming Obstacles 

I’m a pizza purist. I like my pies simple. Give me some garlicky sauce, a bunch of cheese and maybe some fresh basil and I’m happy. But my husband turns his into a mountain of stuff. It’s crazy. He abuses his pizza. When he’s done with it, it takes a paint scraper to get it off the surface. 

So, if you abuse pizza like my husband, I recommend you either par-bake your crust for a few minutes or flour the heck out of your surface. (Or you might look into getting some therapy and figure out why it is you’re ruining something so perfect.)

Lastly, you don’t need a pizza stone to cook your pizza, but it does help. The only important part is making sure the oven is good and hot and whatever surface you plan on laying your pizza on is as well. It makes for a much crispier crust. 


I have added more whole wheat flour and less all-purpose. I have used sugar instead of honey or omitted the sweetener all together. I have added some flax to the crust as well. I also recommend trying some grated parmesan. Toby Joe usually coats the top in a little olive oil as well.

I reckon you can get creative with this—spice it up, baby!

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  1. Hi, what mixer do you have? In the photo it looks like a pink KitchenAid one? I’m about to purchase one – looking at KitchenAid but am unsure if I should get the 5qt or 6qt one. Don’t think I really need the bigger one. It may have a bit more wattage but I’m not a professional baker.


  2. Elle: It’s seriously the best gift I’ve ever gotten. I was joking to Toby recently (sort of joking) that people should be buying mothers-to-be mixers like this for a baby shower.

    GET ONE!

    I have a pink one. It was a little extra because some portions went to breast cancer research.

    I have the this one:

    It’s five quarts.

    I hope that helps, darlin!


  3. Hey I have the pink one too! :) In addition to being incredibly useful, I like to think it really classes up the kitchen.

    What do you think about white whole wheat flour? Can I use that for the entire flour portion?


  4. Bleached WW flour should work but you will want to play around with the other ingredients for texture. Normal flour being mixed in changes the composition a little and makes the dough stickier, in a way. I’ve done pure WW before and it’s good, but can turn out a little “crackery” if you don’t control moisture, yeast, etc. Either way, it’ll be good, and fun!


  5. Love the mixer. Love the recipe. When I’m feeling rather energetic, I’ll try it!


  6. Oh good! I was actually going to suggest you do one of these — i make this about 3x a week.

    Thought I’d give a few quick suggestions:

    1- If you don’t have a pizza stone, you can use bbq tiling. do a websearch for ‘alton brown pizza stone’, and he has all the info

    2- I usually put about 1/2cup of warm water in a bowl, add in 2tsp sugar and then a good ‘pinch’ of yeast. i toss that in the oven for 30mins – 2hrs to ‘proof’ and let the yeast get busy. after that i roughly use your recipe, except that i use this yeasty brew as part of the liquid component. almost all of this sugar gets converted.

    3- I dust a wooden board with cornmeal, and then the underside of the pizza too, before i drop it on the board after stretching. it makes sliding in/out of the oven a breeze.

    Marta- you can’t do all whole-wheat. it never comes out right. if only!

    i’m with toby on the olive oil — i have a more expensive bottle from Fairway that i drizzle on top. sometimes i use a shaved grana-padano & olive oil base, then put on some spinach , olives and artichokes. yum.


  7. oh… and you can def use 100% whole wheat flour if you get ‘whole wheat pastry flour’. it’s a softer whole wheat flour that’s ground much finer.


  8. I am going to chime in to echo Jonathan’s comment. Cornmeal on the bottom of your pizza does great things to help eliminate sticking… and it is good for you and cheap.


  9. I just wanted to remind you that the Coke that you like (the Passover one) is in stores now.


  10. I love making homemade pizza and pizza dough. Although I sometimes make a thin, NY style, simple pizza, my heart lies with the thick overloaded Toby-style. If I’m making one of these heavy pizzas, I add some dark beer to the batter for a darker taste. I love these “Mom it Down” posts!


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