A Podcast Junkie

One of my favorite pastimes right now is listening to The Moth Podcast. They are perfect for visits to the gym. (Although a couple of the stories may make you cry, and the treadmill isn’t exactly a place one wants to be found sobbing, but who cares!) 

One of my favorites is Ed Gavagan’s Drowning on Sullivan Street.

Another really great podcast I’ve enjoyed is Ted Talks. Jill Botle’s My Stroke of Insight  (MP3) is riveting. Click here to watch the video.

And just last week I discovered Stuff Mom Never Told You via How Stuff Works. They are relatively short and really informative, perfect for commuting.

And, naturally, there’s always TAL.

If there’s anything out there you’ve discovered, let me know! Send me an email or leave a comment. I’m always looking for new podcasts.


  1. Some of the podcasts I enjoy, besides the ones you’ve mentioned, are Speaking of Faith and WNYC’s Radio Lab. Most of the ones I subscribe to are more special-interest, but if you like philosophy you might like Philosopher’s Zone and In Our Time, and if you’ve got an interest in psychology I suggest All in the Mind.


  2. I too am always looking for new podcasts and share some of your favorites! I also want to plug WYNC’s Radio Lab. I’m an actual scientist, but I enjoy listening to their lay explanations. They’re fairly accurate in their simplifications and they interview top scientists (some in my own field). Slate Magazine produces two excellent gabfests, one for culture and one for politics. For comedy, there was a daily podcast from two guys in England called Top of the Pods. They quit a couple of years ago, but they’re still all available for download. And finally, I expect you’ve perused the list of NPR/PRI podcasts available, but I really like To The Best of our Knowledge and MPR’s In the Loop.


  3. AH! Thank you!! Seriously. Thank you. I have been looking for new podcasts. AWESOME.

    I go through strange periods where I either listen solely to music or to nothing at all. I have recently started filling the ‘nothing at all’ periods with podcasts. I don’t know why it took me so long. But, I need more! I walk a lot and work out a lot, and I need something to listen to. I am going to immediately try all those that you listed (and that fellow readers have listed).

    Anyway, just a long-winded way of saying thank you.


  4. Thanks for that list – I’ll definitely check them out. I do have a hard time listening to podcasts while exercising, but enjoy tuning in for my 25 minute commute. In addition to TAL, I have enjoyed: The Story (I believe this is PRI as well) and BBC News’ Documentaries.


  5. I like Design Matters w/Debbie Millman.
    Lots of ’em.


  6. I love story corps!


  7. More NPR, but I love “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.” It’s hilarious, so will make you laugh on the treadmill instead of cry.


  8. Can’t say enough about WNYC’s Radio Lab. No matter what the topic, Jad and Robert make the conversation interesting and teach me something every time. I refer to them by first name, because after just a few, you’ll feel like you know them personally.


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