Beat Down And Falling Around.

I have no idea what’s wrong with Em and I hate that I’m about to post this, because I never wanted to talk about such personal things (about him) online, but I need help.

For a while now, he’s faced a great deal of frustration trying to poop. It can literally take him all day sometimes to get anything out and that’s after a great deal of straining and pain. And when it finally does come out, it’s rather hard. We called the doctor who told us to feed him lots of fruits and vegetables, which is just absurd because that’s all he really eats. (Unfortunately, this was left on a message as she was busy and I haven’t called back yet so I couldn’t then tell her no, that’s not the problem.)

A few nights ago, we woke up to hear Emory SCREAMING from his bedroom. He was making horrible sounds, like a woman in labor. He was trying to poop. He tried so hard, he threw up and it came out of his nose as well. (I am crying as I write this because he’s in school and I want so badly to hug him right now.)

Anyway, I decided that enough was enough, I did some online research. Several people suggested that babies who go through this type of situation often have milk allergies (which they eventually outgrow) and that it’s not often talked about by doctors. So, we decided to give him some soy milk instead of milk milk and see how that goes. We also added flax as well as prune juice into the mix. Things got better. They weren’t perfect, but they were better.

But then last night happened. I stupidly (I think it was the culprit?) gave him a homemade bread and cream cheese sandwich with chopped up dates. He ate it up fast—loved it. He drank some water and then some soy milk and went off to bed.

We woke up at 11 listening to him scream. He continued to go into contractions every 10 minutes until 4 AM or later. It was heartbreaking and there was nothing I could do for him.

I am not sure what’s going on with Emory. I need to fix it. I feel so badly for him. I am tired. I am making mistakes, fighting with my husband, flicking off construction workers, fighting with our passive aggressive previous landlord, discussing things with other mothers—mere strangers to me at his daycare—that I should never discuss. I feel as though I am bordering on that insane, hysterical mother—the one everyone whispers about when she leaves the room.

I have no idea how to control this, how to fix it, how to make him better, us better, me better.

I can’t help me. But maybe someone else can.


  1. I know how you feel I have a one year old myself and am quite an introvert but have as of late become quite versed in poopy, the lack of, how to etc. LOL

    First, alot of times soymilk actually causes constipation… that’s why if your child has diarhea as an infant they switch you temporarily to soy. Second, AVOID bananna’s and applesauce same reason they thicken the poopy and again are “prescribed” for children with diarhea. DO give him lots of prunes and pears (it only takes a little and they have little gerber juices that I prefer) the prune one comes with another flavor added I think apple or something to make it not quite so bitter. Too much cheese also causes problems so until he gets this sorted out I’d avoid it and give other dairy in it’s place like yogurt. I feel so bad for little Em because I have struggled with this issue my own self and I kid you not it was and still is the most painful thing I have dealt with. And you note I have a child. If he strains too much it can lead to a little hemoroid and you don’t always see them they can be just on the inside and they HURT! So if you notice him squirming or shifting side to side when he sits you might ask your doc about it (it hurts to sit). Third, you can give him pedialyte it has an oily consistancy and helps him to poopy easier (my pediatrician has us do that). I have seen little baby laxatives in the baby section at walgreens but I have never used them on my son I am always afraid they will cause his tummy to hurt so I prefer these methods instead. Sorry if it’s too much info and I hope this helps give you some more ideas :)


  2. Oh I feel so bad that you feel so badly about this. It must be so hard to listen to your baby cry in pain and not be able to help.

    It really sounds to me like it is a milk allergy. I am lactose intolerant and when I eat dairy I have a similar reaction. I get intense stomach pains which turn into (sorry if this is TMI) the runs. It is horrible. My mother is also lactose intolerant and she gets the same symptoms as Emory. She gets seriously constipated for days sometimes. Her stomach gets in knots so bad that you can feel how hard it is. She went to specialist after specialist who thought it was Celiac and then Colitis until she finally tried giving up dairy and it fixed it.

    The good news is that he should grow out of it. I was born with it and then when I was 2 it went away, unfortunately for me it came back when I was 15 but I did get the chance to enjoy dairy for all of those years in between. Also there are a lot of products out there now that are lactose free that you could substitute in the place of milk.

    Sorry for rambling. Hope your day gets better :)


  3. I don’t know what to tell you, except that it does sound like something is wrong. Maybe it can be fixed by a change in Emory’s diet (i could tell you what to do for a cat). But please don’t listen to any of our amateur suggestions. Get in touch with your doctor. Don’t be put off by “she’s too busy.” Either talk to the pediatrician or her nurse practitioner/assistant/whatever. It’s important to get informed medical advice on this! In the meantime…please take a few deep breaths for yourself.


  4. I feel your pain- we have been dealing with this with our son since birth, and it has been tied to dairy sensitivity. Our pediatrician put him on Miralax at a young age, and he has been on and off since (he is now 2.5 years old). It has gotten better, but we still have big issues with him pooping regularly and if I don’t watch his diet, dairy intake, etc., he will go days without going (currently dealing with this now), and end up in significant pain. Definitely get in touch with your pediatrician, and good luck!


  5. Poor Emory. That sounds awful. I think you should call his doctor and insist on an appt this week. If the doc sees you in person and how frustrated you are you WILL be taken seriously. And maybe there is something else going on. This has kept all three of you in misery long enough.
    Good Luck!


  6. He was MUCH more constipated whenever he was drinking whole milk. The soy milk made it loser. We also cut down on the number of bottles he drinks. He gets maybe two now. (Although last night he drank more. And I regret that now.)

    The new problem seems different. And he did consume an entire banana and loves apples and applesauce. I will talk to the doctor about that as well. Thank you for letting me know that!

    I have another call in to the doctor. I hope she helps us out. This is getting worse, not better.

    I feel so badly for him. He’s so happy otherwise. I hate not being able to help him. hate it.


  7. Oh Michele, this is horrible! I have a friend whose daughter went through the same thing – I will send her an e-mail and ask how things are going/what was wrong (that’ll be an interesting message – how’s your little girls’ pooping going?).

    My brother had problems like this, and it turned out he was (and still is) lactose intolerant.


  8. It sounds like – for you, while Emory is at school – that taking a nap is essential. Problem solving is that much harder when you’re tired. Also, I have heard from so many people in the last week who are feeling down. I think it must be a hard time of year, and then to be worried about your child on top of that isn’t easy.


  9. OK, so I spoke with the doctor. I figured some of you may want to know what she said.

    Cut out all apples (OMG he is going to freak)
    NO bananas.
    Milk is FINE. She doesn’t think it’s the culprit.
    Up water.
    Prune juice is fine.

    If that doesn’t work, I have to call in two weeks and we’ll figure something else out.

    I hope I can fix him. :[


  10. Hi,

    Did you try chamomile tea and pro-biotic powder (get at chopin pharmacy)?

    My son would sometimes go more than a week w out any BMs and was very constipated.

    Those things CHANGED OUR LIFE.

    I posted this stuff under your last entry I think.

    Good luck!

    Bananas are also very constipating – as is rice and cheese and a MILLION other foods, irk.


  11. We did try chamomile on your suggestion and he seemed to like it. I guess I won’t know what helped becasuse we did so much all at once (natural stuff for now.)

    Maybe that helped? But we did the flax at the same time. Both maybe? Thanks tho.


  12. Anyone have any decent and fairly easy quiche recipes? I may have to go that route for lunches for him from now on. Did bread and jelly today thinking I needed to avoid cream cheese.

    Thanks for all the help everyone.


  13. My sister has had a very similar problem with her 18 month old. She had to switch him off of whole milk and onto soy milk, and that has helped somewhat, but he still cries when he poops (although now it doesn’t take him as long to finish the job). It sounds like Emory has something going on, and a trip to the doctor should help, but it may take some trial and error to figure out what the problem is.


  14. Keep a food and poop diary for him so you can see trends – what is he eating when it is ok, what is he eating when things are bad? Sometimes writing it down and seeing it all on paper will help you and the doctor analyze what is going on. Annie had terrible, terrible problems with this that really weren’t resolved until she almost 5 and she still has problems at times.

    It is heart-breaking to see a little kid in so much pain and I have to say that our pediatrician was of very little help. I finally researched and told her she needed to prescribe Miralax (which was then prescription only, now over-the-counter). Keeping a log really helped us see that dairy caused problems for Annie. It is funny how no one tells us about all the foods that constipate like bananas. It is like a secret that no one tells us about until after our kid has trouble. Why don’t pediatricians give our little flyers with this info?

    I have tried mineral oil and over-the-counter laxatives. I don’t think they worked really and I eventually thought they were too harsh for her, but I was desperate. The only thing that really made a big, sustained difference was the removal of dairy and addition of Miralax. You will work through it. Also try the baking soda baths and massage – I think some of the very simple remedies can provide relief in a crisis. Vasaline is also a topical help, if you know what I mean.

    Try making him fruit smoothies with lots of watery fruit. I would also mix Miralax, prune juice, whatever I could, into the smoothy. Throw in a little protein powder and it is almost a meal. Smoothies are great for hiding meds and other foods your kid won’t normally go for. They taste good and they work.


  15. Here is quick quiche recipe I always use and you can change out the proteins & veggies as you please.

    4cups flour
    4teaspoons baking powder
    250gr cold butter
    2 egg yolks
    1 cup ice water

    Grate butter into flour and mix in. Roll out thin and place in dish. (I make mine up to the sides).

    In measuring mug:
    6 eggs
    250ml cream
    Fill up to 42.25oz (1.32quart) with milk

    Add 5 tablespoons corn starch
    2 teaspoons mustard powder
    Some salt & pepper or mixed herbs (your choice if you want to add anything)

    Add about 2 cups of your choice of filling (i.e bacon & spinach, chicken & asperagus, veg & feta).

    Add cheese on top if you’d like

    Bake at 375 for about 30minutes until puffed and set. Let it stand for for 5-10minutes.

    Good luck!


  16. First of all- I would DEFINITELY cut out dairy. Many doctors still tell families to push the milk on the kids, when it could be a big cause. My friend’s daughter has eczema. She read about a link b/w dairy and eczema. They tested her for a dairy which came back negative, so the dr said to keep her on the milk.
    I suggested she take her off it. She switched it for goat’s milk and guess what, the eczema that the little girl had since she started drinking milk had disappeared. Hmmm…

    For your son, I would try an elimination diet. This has been a huge help to many parents and their children because you can get to the root of things.
    No dairy (I would suggest Rice milk)
    No wheat- another big culprit

    Add in pre-biotics and pro-biotics. And stay away from Rice too- it is very binding.

    I hope that helps your little one.


  17. Glad your doc was able to visit with you and offer suggestions I know as a mommmy we sometimes just need someone to hear us out and confirm we are doing the right thing :) THought I would add many of you have probably heard of the BRAT diet… it is for babies who have diarhea (to help thicken the poopy) and consist of banannas, rice, applesauce, and toast. That helps me to remember I need to do the OPPOSITE if my little one has constipation.


  18. Here’s what helped my daughter:
    My daughter is a picky eater but she loves hummus and mini-shredded wheat.
    Popcorn – an air-popper is a wonderful thing!
    Berries! raspberries, blackberries and blueberries (she likes the dried too). I buy frozen berries to put in her cereal. Warning: moderation of the berries is key or a “technicolor blowout” could be in your future!
    My daughter won’t eat edamame, but they look like peas and are fiber rich.

    I bake quiche in a muffin pan and freeze them so all I have to do is take one out and heat it up. I would also suggest that for crust, cut some of your homemade bread to fit the bottom of each muffin cup and kapowwe more goodness added!,,, – all have basic quiche recipes that you can add different vegi’s & meat combinations.


  19. I would heed your doctor’s advice. You could try switching to 2 percent milk. Or: try switching brands. (All milk isn’t the same, just because it’s labeled organic/no-hormone milk.)

    Yogurt is always good for the digestive system.

    Also, I would caution against giving him too many new things and/or herbal items. That can’t be good for his system at such a young age. Basic food is normally best. Ten, twenty, fifty years ago things like “pro-biotics” did not exist and people made do. (It’s a marketing tool.)

    Finally, apart from quiche, you could try tortilla de patatas, which is easier since it doesn’t have the dough involved. Kids usually love it. (Potatoes, eggs, and you can add onions and zucchini.)


  20. Try to up his water intake as much as you can. Try raisins and grapes. Get grape juice, apple juice, or pineapple juice if he doesn’t like prune juice. Graham crackers of all things used to loosen up my little girl. You can also get calcium-fortified juices if you’re worried about having him off milk for a while.

    My son, who is 14, had had bouts of constipation since he was little. The last one was a few months ago. We thought he was having appendicitis, but the doctor said that he was just full of “stool.” My son joked that he missed three days of school because he was “full of sh*t!” He thought it was hilarious to regale us with descriptions of his bathroom episodes after taking the laxative the doctor prescribed. Boys are gross.

    Hope your little guy is feeling better soon!


  21. Lowy said: “Ten, twenty, fifty years ago things like “pro-biotics” did not exist and people made do. (It’s a marketing tool.)”

    Actually, probiotics are naturally occurring, beneficial bacteria/yeasts that help with digestion – they’ve been around for centuries. Before the food industry started tinkering with nature, they could be found in all sorts of naturally fermented foods like yogurt (not the flavored, sweetened crap on most store shelves, but real, additive free, traditionally made yogurt).

    I’m not a parent and never have been, but we were advised to give yogurt to our kitten when he had some digestive problems, and it has helped a great deal. It helps us grown-ups, too. We get plain yogurt from the local creamery via our farmers’ market. Michele, in your neck of the woods I’d advise you to check out Bedford Cheese Shop or Saxelby’s in the Essex Market for top quality plain yogurt.


  22. Just remember that you are a great mom and you love him and it will be okay. I have mom friends who have gone through constipation HELL and it is very common, and very horrible.

    My random advice would be cut out the dairy as much as possible and find other sources: goat cheese, etc. Dairy can be a serious constipator and general GI irritant. Good luck!!!


  23. I was born with milk allergies (sadly i’m part of the 2% that never outgrew it, but mostly I think because my parents didn’t keep me off it – avoidance for the first 3-5 years is the best way to grow out of it) and the stomach pain at night, constipation, etc. is all very familiar. My 16 month old went through the same symptoms you describe with Emory, and after a few weeks of eliminating milk products, she went back to normalcy – sleeping through the night, regularity, etc.) It can take several weeks for the dairy to be eliminated from someone’s system, so if you think it is the culprit, you really need to stick to the dairy-free diet for a long time. Also, if a person has dairy allergies, the likelihood for soy allergies also goes up exponentially. I found an obscure study

    The problem with the little ones is that food allergy tests aren’t accurate at this age because (per my doctor) their immune systems are so immature. So as others have suggested, you really have to try elimination diets and keep a food journal.

    Oh, and its important to note that lactose intolerance is different from milk allergies – the former is rare in young kids and is where you lack the enzyme to break down lactose in milk. A true allergy is where the body’s immune system reacts to the milk protein.Depending on the degree of allergy, things like cheese and yogurt, in which the protein is partially broken down, may not cause a reaction, but milk does. Or it may be the volume of milk protein that is causing the reaction. (the response my pediatrician gave when I asked why yogurt doesn’t affect my kid, but milk does).

    I’m not sure if any of your readers have suggested it yet, but the old method of the rectal thermometer gets results when diet changes alone don’t get things moving. Also dipping the kid in very warm-to hot (not burning) water sometimes helps relax the muscles and move things along.

    Another common allergy that goes hand in glove with dairy and soy is eggs – just something to watch out for.

    Hope this helps and good luck to you.


  24. Heather Armstrong’s daughter ( had issues with constipation. She might be a good source to go to, if you can get a response from her.

    I WAS Emory at that age and I still have a lot of issues with…my poop being hard and being constipated. I am lactose intolerant although milk has the opposite effect. Eating prunes, daily, bran flakes and drinking plenty of water helps me. Plenty of water. Juice will also help keep stool from being hard.

    I’m so sorry Emory has to go through this. It is horrible. I remember crying in preschool trying to poop and I readily admit to doing so as an adult after I had my son when I had to go through a second labor out my butt!

    I don’t know if they make a stool softener for children but you might be able to give him an enema. A stool softener would be a lot less traumatizing for everyone involved. But do help him poop with something- he’ll feel so much better once he gets it out. Then you can try things to prevent it from happening again.


  25. Adeline has had these same issues, on and off since she was born. When she was around 5 months old we had her tested for allergies (not because of constipation, but because of a constant rash). Dairy was NOT the culprit, and we still don’t know why she experiences it, but she still does.

    Our pediatrician and allergist both recommended lots of prune juice (Gerber makes an apple/prune juice that Adeline LOVED), and cut out bananas. That helped for a bit, but she still gets it. They said if it ever got too bad, there is a suppository they could prescribe, but luckily we never had to use it.

    No one has said this yet, and I know it will gross some people out, but I will share what works for Adeline. Like Emory, when she CAN poop it is rock hard and sometimes like a bunch of big pebbles. So…I would put a little vaseline on my pinky and “help things along.” Putting your finger inside their bottom gives them a natural urge to push. Everytime I did this it worked and she was able to poop out everything. It sometimes took a few insertions, but she always got it out. I would have to leave my finger there until I felt it coming, then I would remove my finger and she would be able to go.

    I apologize for anyone that’s grossed out, but hey…it works.


  26. They do that with kittens I think. Nothing is weird of gross as a parent.

    Thanks, guys. And I realize this blog is turning into a trainwreck as of late. I am sorry about that.


  27. you don’t ever need to apologize for anything you write here. this community of people helps all of us. it is so hard to talk about some of this stuff. i don’t know about others of you, but i seemed to be surrounded with these stepford moms who had perfect kids with no problems. every now and then i can get them to admit something that isn’t perfect, but i find it very challenging to find a community of mothers willing to let it all hang out. and i find it refreshing.


  28. I know it’s not the same thing, but my cat has serious constipation problems (he’s had surgery because of it) and we give him a medicine called lactulose that is something humans take too (i know this because we get it by prescription at duane reade and every time they are shocked that it’s for the cat, i’ve had to sign his name to things). anyway, i think lactulose is similar to miralax which some people have mentioned above.


  29. Apologies for! my! excessive! use! of! exclamation points in my above entry. I’m a non-trad mom, divorced @ 15 months, who had/has a little love with such issues… the berries (fresh or dried (extra my A loves Em’s raisin video))work wonders. But, again I will warn you of the blow-out factor since my first happen at a rest stop on the NYS thruway. Fresh or frozen works just the same. Best to you and your little and big loves.


  30. There’s a lot of comments so not sure if this has been covered but oatmeal (I use the low-sugar instant stuff) has always done wonders for Ellie. Raisins too. Sweet potatoes usually produce results as well as acorn squash (with butter and brown sugar). When we first introduced solids she got constipated all the time and the old thermometer trick would often clear a block. The pediatrician said if it got really bad to try BabyLax (not positive that’s the name but you could ask the pharmacist—apparently it’s over the counter); fortunately it never did. I also avoided rice, apples and bananas but whole wheat seems to be fine. She gets constipated now when she doesn’t eat a varied enough diet or when we travel. In that case, I try to give her Pedialite just b/c it hydrates her and she likes the flavor.

    You’ve probably already seen this but here are some more tips from Dr Sears (see The Bath and Bowel Movement Technique):

    Good luck!


  31. Hi Michele!
    Evan had the same problems at the same age as Emory (he’s 3 now). Oranges worked wonders (still do) and we never cut out his dairy. We did cut back on his cheese intake, as he was obsessed, but things got much better. Oatmeal also helped us out a lot.
    Evan is still not a “normal” pooper. He does not poop every day, but he is on his own schedule. It’s like clock work. Our doctor says that it’s ok for now as long as he’s not in pain and he’s not really straining.
    Wow, I just typed about my son’s poop. lol
    Good luck guys! Hopefully this works itself out. Know you are not alone in this matter!


  32. This made me sick to my stomach for you. Maggie had issues in her first 3 months and it was horrifying. If I were you, I’d take him his Dr. and ask about all the possibilities- a blockage maybe? If you rule out all of those types of things then you can rest assured that it is a phase and things will get better.

    P.S One thing we always fall back on is the old baby food prunes. Works every time.


  33. i just wanted to tell you, if other moms whisper behind your back that’s awful! mothers should be there for each other no matter the subject and we shouldn’t feel ashamed to talk about how hard it is to be a parent. because sometimes, it’s REALLY friggin hard.

    if you are worried em might not get enough calcium or whatever because of cutting back on milk, i thought i’d let you know that my son is a month behind yours and since i stopped breastfeeding he’s never had a glass/bottle of milk and he’s doing just fine.

    water is VERY important when constipated. we need water in order to help our bowels become .. err … squishier and move easier. i have problems with constipation, not as bad as some. i find if i don’t drink enough water it becomes that much worse.

    i have the opposite problem with my son. his stool gets really loose if i’m not careful with the variety of his foods. pears are a big culprit for loose stool, but he really likes them so he gets them on occassion…after having bran flakes and bananas.

    just to let you know, sweet potatoes can actually bind some people up.

    i do hope all three of you can get back to some kind of normalcy and get the sleep you all need.


  34. yes avoid the BRAT diet for constipation (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast). I know when my dd had diarrhea (salmonella – it was awful), they said no fruit juice at all, the sugar kind of makes things move, really any fruit juice. Also, I would limit dairy at least, and for boys, I’ve heard its better to limit soy as well – something about the hormones being like estrogen. So maybe rice milk? My dd is allergic to dairy, eggs, milk – so is on soy milk & soy yogurt and goes 3 times a day most days so… I don’t have true solutions for you – sorry!


  35. Yeah, we have avoided soy (until recently and now again) for that very reason. Girls too! I have read.

    Last night was better just by cutting apples. I will update. And thanks all, again


  36. I feel so bad for you and Emory. I’m so thankful my son doesn’t have that problem. Don’t be hard on yourself. Your blog is not turning into a train wreck. You’ve just experienced some HUGE changes. Moving is very stressful. And putting your baby into school is too, even if it is a good thing. And all this was happening in the midst of the holidays. That’s got to be hard.

    Someone above said to rest and take care of yourself while Emory is at school. I agree. Give yourself a little attention and you would probably be surprised at how you feel toward your husband and things in general. I’m just talking from personal experience. When I’m home with my son I usually take a nap when he does even though I could work on my to do list. But I need my rest and my down time so I can be happy and energetic for the afternoon and evening.

    Here is a recipe for “egg muffins”. They are like little mini frittatas. They are excellent, and you can very the filling.

    Good luck with Em. Things will get better.


  37. That sounds miserable. Hope it gets figured out soon.


  38. Whew…all these replies and you end up with a confusing buttload of TMI. :) So, of course, I must throw in my 2 cents. My boys have the most trouble when they don’t drink enough fluids. Dehydration is a big BIG reason for chronic constipation. So they get watered down fruit juices (I try to avoid apple based ones.) I also recommend pro-biotic yogurts. Whole grain breads and crackers. Avoid white rice, white bread, bananas, apples, toast, cheese…these are all really binding. Prunes are good as long as the kid is well hydrated. Fresh fruit too – grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe and other melons – things with a high water content. Avoid too much citrus.
    I think that about covers it! :)


  39. Benefiber. I put a big spoonful in my son’s sippy cups. It takes a while for it to start working. But it is something easy for me to remember when I am making his sippy cups.
    I have lots of problems with my son on this. He has little tears right now from straining so much. I have had to help him out while pooping.
    things have been a lot better since I tried the benefiber.


  40. I stumbled upon your blog after doing a search for “hobo eggs”. I was very moved by your story about the hobo nest, so I decided to read a bit more. When I read this post, I couldn’t help but comment. My daughter (13 yrs old now) used to have the same problem your son is encountering now, becuase of meds she was on. The most effective thing I ever did for her was start her on pure flax seed oil. Barlean’s is the brand I use, but you can get many different brands. It’s not expensive, and you can take it straight (1 teaspoon a day is all a young child needs), or mix it in oatmeal, yoghurt, a non-dairy smoothie, or make salad dressing with it. Flax seed oil gives you your Omega 3 fatty acids, which helps your brain, your cholesterol, your muscles & joints, your heart, AND it helps regulate your intestines and keep them working well. The people who have suggested probiotics are also right on—the Danactive and Activia yogurts are very good. Be sure he gets at least one daily. And definitely follow your doctors advice on the diet and giving him more WATER. Lots of kids just don’t drink enough plain water and you’re seeing right now how that can be harmful. I wish you the best of luck.


  41. Hi there,

    I know this post is old, but you’re the first mom I’ve heard write about this problem. We’re usually going through the same thing with our 15-month-old. It’s absolutely horrible. When it’s really bad, he gets these stomach cramps that I don’t know what to do about. We’ve tried everything, and he takes four teaspoons of Miralax a day. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. I know some things that set it off (namely, soy), but for the most part, I feel like I have no control over the problem.

    I just wanted to say – I know what you’re going through!


  42. My son went through the same thing when he was between 2 and 3 years old (and not potty trained yet). He would be stopped up for days, and would sometimes wake up at night crying because he couldn’t go. It would especially hit when we traveled. I tried going from whole milk to lowfat milk, and also adding a teaspoon of flaxseed oil to his milk (it was better in chocolate milk), but what finally worked was giving him access to watery fruits every day (grapes, berries, watermelon, oranges, etc). He loves them and I would let him eat as much as he wanted. This helped out greatly! And now that he is potty-trained, it happens FAR less frequently. Hang in there!


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