5 Years!

Five years ago today Toby Joe and I eloped to Niagara Falls. This is strange to me because it seems like it was just yesterday.

But Toby Joe probably doesn’t believe me when I say that. He doesn’t even think I know when we were married let alone what happened that day. He twittered this the other night.

I have always had trouble with the date because there are too many small numbers. (We were married on 01-03-04.) I always want to switch them around. And sometimes I just want to add in a DAMN TWO ALREADY!

I told him, “If I had the money, I’d buy us both bamboo silverware, since this anniversary is about wood and cutlery.”

And he said, “Well, actually, bamboo isn’t a wood. It’s a type of grass.”

So I think I’ll just find a stick with a few extra branches and beat him with it.

Due to insufficient funds this year, I think we’ll have to honor wood some other way.


  1. oooh, you dirty, dirty gal.


  2. Dirty?

    I meant we’d have a picnic with plastic silverware in the park under a tree.

    AND I’d beat him with a stick.


  3. congrats guys! do chopsticks count as cutlery?


  4. BRILLIANT! How did I not think of that?

    I can afford some chopsticks!


  5. Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids.


  6. thinking of you guys! can’t believe it’s been 5 years either. been meaning to write you & try to catch up on some of this lost time…


  7. Today is my husband’s birthday, and I always struggle with the date too! Something about the third of Jan . . .

    Congratulations, mihow and Toby Joe. Happy anniversary!


  8. Funny, my husband and I eloped on the same day. Only we both forgot it was our anniversary this weekend! Woops!

    We only eloped to the local town hall though, so it wasn’t nearly as interesting! :)


  9. I love this photo of you two – both so very young looking. Congrats


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