FU Penguin

I was getting a little tired of staring at myself making out with my cat. I’m sure you were, too. So, in order to push it down a little bit, I would like to introduce you to this wonderfully funny Web site. I think that so far this one is my favorite.

In other news, this week has turned out to be as crazy as I anticipated and it’s not over. I’ve been working nonstop, which means Em has been watching a lot of Jack’s Music Show. I feel bad about that. Plus, today is Toby’s birthday and I haven’t done ANYTHING for him. I feel terrible about that as well. I’ve also not gone to the gym in three days and the apartment is falling down around me. Again, terrible. Plus, it’s raining and my son hasn’t been outside since yesterday. Worse. Did I mention we’re moving this weekend?

Wish I had booze.

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