Craziest Week Ever

This week is likely to turn into the most insane week ever. We’re scheduled to move in seven days. (I have been working on a post for a while regarding the move, but can’t seem to find the time to finish it. In a nutshell, we’re staying in Brooklyn but moving to a less contaminated, easier to use 2 bedroom, two bathroom apartment. It’s a long, long story. I will share it soon.) Toby’s birthday is Thursday and I have not one, but TWO freelance projects to finish up this week. Oh, I’m also a full-time mom, one who has yet to find a local babysitter.

I may have gotten myself in over my head. Cross your fingers for me, Internet.

The good news is we’re moving out of the highly toxic area of Greenpoint and into the wallet-raping Williamsburg area. But hey, we’ll have a view, a washing machine AND a dishwasher. (The article above is from the NYT and it’s a little disturbing.)

If I make it through this week in one piece and without the use sedatives, I will reward myself with another piece of chocolate covered carrot cake from Fabiane’s, which may sound truly disgusting, but is actually quite delectable. I have been craving it every day since we met.


  1. Chocolate covered what now? How do you get anything done ever now that you know such a thing exists!

    Fingers crossed for the move! Glad you found something.


  2. It’s true. I saw it and thought, the hell is that? Why would you smother a perfectly good piece of carrot cake in chocolate? I went there that day specifically for their carrot cake, but the didn’t have the normal one. I got that.

    It’s AWESOME. Seriously. OMG, so good.

    And we’re moving closer to where it lives.


  3. Glad you feel good about the upcoming move. That makes moving all the easier!

    The environmental contamination issues in Greenpoint aren’t unique, but the immediate remedy is simple should any homes have vapor intrusion issues. A system very similar to a radon mitigation system can be installed. While it doesn’t reduce fears about past exposures, it should prevent future exposures. Typically the level of exposures is variable from house to house and greater in basements, necessiating the by-house approach. I could elaborate further, but my general take on the situation is that it is worrisome, but at least the state agencies are taking a more proactive approach than other states/EPA and erring on the side of caution by installing the systems.

    Glad you won’t have to deal with this issue for much longer!


  4. yeah, I don’t get too worked up about stuff like this to be honest, but you read the reactions from some of the mothers on a local list-serve I’m a member of. Yikes.

    I think the only reason it’s becoming an issue now is because (and I hate to sound cynical) so many filthy rich families bought up million dollar condos and have recently moved into the area. The immigrants and the poor and the artists that lived here before either didn’t scream loud enough, weren’t making enough in taxes, or didn’t care.

    Wow, I’m a cynical bitch.


  5. I’d correct you to say that WB is wallet raping AND toxic , perhaps less so or perhaps more so than GP.

    BTW, your new place is about half the distance to Radiac as your old place.


  6. Ah, Jonathan, always the voice of ease, reason and relaxation.


  7. Perhaps a little cynical? :)

    The other major factor in the timing of the vapor intrusion investigations is that the science has only recently recognized that vapor intrusion is an issue at these lower levels of contamination. The scientific consensus only 5 years ago was that it wasn’t an issue. Some smart folks took another look at incoming data and realized that it didn’t jive with the previously held beliefs and the science evolved.


  8. I always do that. As soon as the richer people start moving in, they pave the road, fix the potholes, what have you. Heh Take a trip into the poor communities and you’re luck if your car makes it out with four wheels.

    I’m rambling today. Spastic. Forgive me people,


  9. My dream of depressing the cost-of-living in WB/GP to pre re-zoning levels has not died.

    Perhaps this winter I can get back up and running


  10. It’s weird to me that I live about the same distance from the toxic area as someone who lives off the graham L stop, but it’s a very greenpoint-centric worry. my boyfriend still won’t drink our tap water.

    are you looking for a daytime babysitter, or a nighttime/weekend babysitter?


  11. I know that the toxicity of the area is the more adult/important/pressing issue but I’m still stuck on cake. What about the cream cheese frosting, is there any? Or is it all covered in chocolate with no frosting? And is the chocolate like a hard candy shell or more ganache-y? I’m trying to wrap my head around it.


  12. Egirl is right on. It hasn’t been investigated previously because the technology to investigate wasn’t there.


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