Em Dancin' To Ted Leo.

Emory dances a lot. He has two dances. The first one (which we can’t seem to capture on video) is by far my favorite. He shakes his head really fast from side to side until he gets dizzy and falls down. It’s truly one of the most outstanding things you’ll ever witness.

The video I have for you today features his other dance. This one is a little easier to capture because it lasts longer (since he doesn’t get dizzy right away). I love this one as well.

I’m two parts melancholy, three parts joyful today, so I thought this might be a perfect way to express as much. (You may watch Ted Leo play the song live here.)


  1. Go, Emory! Go!

    Sweet moves.


  2. this made today that much better.
    and today has been pretty damn amazing so far!


  3. You should be happy that he has such good taste in music from such an early age!


  4. I love Emory’s dance moves. Gage has a similar dance that involves a lot of foot movement and head swaying. I love watching toddlers dance…


  5. I like the way he sings when he dances!

    So cute. :)


  6. jealous i can’t seem to capture my boy on camera while he’s dancing. soon as he hears the camera turn on he swoops down on me like a vulture and poses. 14 months and he’s a total ham!


  7. i love it. there is no better dancing than toddler dancing. my daughter does a very enthusiastic bounce and spin dance.


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