Finding Comfort

It’s been a while. I have no excuse. The sounds you hear are of Em in the background playing with Tupperware, his new favorite toy.

(This is video for a series called Stories For My Son.)

Below is a video showing how Em uses the orange pillow, which is precisely how he acted with the woman from the story above.


  1. That is seriously one of the most adorable things I have seen in a long, long while.

    I think it is so cool that you are doing this. It is such a lovely idea.


  2. I’m curious to hear about why you didn’t warm up to the other moms-I might have trouble warming to somebody who wore a head-to-toe velor tracksuit as well :). ADORABLE that Em snuggled right up, though!

    By the way, you should totally go with the cleaning service if you can stomach it. Just have a set of keys made and disappear with the baby for a while. Or, put Em down for a nap and sit outside (or in another room) with a book (or your laptop) and the baby monitor.


  3. See, I would love to hire someone, really I would. But we don’t live in an apartment where one can “hide” or give someone privacy. It’s a railroad (or gunshot?) and it’s just not possible. Furthermore, we can’t get more keys made because our landlord is fucking INSANE paranoid. We have two keys. That’s it. Two. It’s insane. And if we asked him to make us another set, he’ll as why and then say NO WAY because the maid will surely rob the house blind.

    So, I have no idea if this will ever happen. Sadly.

    I was a little weirded out by the tracksuit, but I think it probably cost more than my entire wardrobe. It was fancy.

    I will write more about that soon. Along with the house hunt crap. Yeah. Lame.


  4. I think if you thought about it mythically – you have the pillow – *softness, like mother,” combined with orange—“the rays of the sun”, meaning “life.”

    Or maybe Em is just into sleep.


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