There Will Be Whiskey.

Today has been the longest day of my life. Maybe.

I realize I say “I haven’t been able to record a video today” and I’m saying as much on a video. I don’t have much of a rational mind left today. What more can I say. No excuse. Simple truth.

(See previous Stories For My Son here.)


  1. i am sorry you feel bad but just so you know someone (and I am sure many others out there) thinks YOU EFFING ROCK!


  2. holy woman i have wanted a drink at 10 am with grace. every three months she would change the rules of the game. the nap will return and toby will be home. go for a walk and get away from him for a little while.


  3. Yeah. He finally napped for 40 minutes. All is well now.


  4. i’m sorry for your hell, but this was the most charming post ever. ever. ever!


  5. Oh, man. I so relate. I need the nap! I cannot function without the nap! The nap is non-negotiable! I will also confess that today I considered starting my daughter in daycare for the sole purpose of SOMEBODY ELSE feeding her once or twice a day. Three meals a day requires just too much planning, even with the jars…


  6. I think this is the best of the videos you’ve recorded so far. Someday when you’re telling him that being a stay at home mom was hard and he asks why or how, you can point him the direction of this clip :)


  7. KidKate: I have been steaming veggies and jarring them up every day. It takes forever, you’re very right. I am looking forward to fresh (and local!) berry season so I can chop some of them up and let him go to town. It’s funny to watch him try and eat. He still hasn’t quite figured out the pincer grasp yet. So half of what I give him ends up on his lap. That’s why I always double his portions.

    I have thought a lot lately about getting a daycare for a day or two a week. But then I just never get around to it. Maybe this fall I’ll finally do it. He’s entered the “I’m obsessed with mama stage and will cry if I’m not near her” so I worry that whomever takes over may have hell to deal with at least for a while.

    These days they are hilarious and trying. Plus, he’s weeks away from walking. I just ordered shoes to celebrate (?) the event.

    Thanks, everyone. I threw this one together last minute. I think this series may take a turn based on how easy this particular video was. We’ll see. This series still makes me very uneasy.


  8. I think we’ve all had that day… the nap doesn’t come and the freak-out ensues. Said pleadingly, “When do I get a break?” It is refreshingly honest to hear someone say what I’ve been thinking.


  9. I hate to say it, but this is one of my favorite video stories you’ve done so far.

    I had many of days like yours. I have 2 boys who refuse to sleep. I feel your pain. I can’t wait till they hit teenage years and I get the joy of waking their butts up!


  10. Hey Mihow, Ellie is in the separation anxiety stage too. We had a “nanny share” going for a while (OK, really it was a babysitter—nanny sounds ridiculous) where I would take Ellie to a friend’s house and mooch off her babysitter for five hours (two mornings) a week but she flaked and moved to Florida. Or something, it’s not really clear. Anyway, given that Ellie has this separation thing going (and always has, really. I worry about her being shy like her mama), I think I am done with “nannies”. So we are looking at starting part-time daycare when she’s about a year (in four months) just to keep our options open. We’d like to socialize her a bit and give me at least the option of going back to work, you know? But it is SCARY. Hard to know what the right thing is. She really hated being left with the sitter, even though she was always smiling and happy when I returned.

    I hear you on the fresh veggies. I just bought a baby cookbook and a food mill. We’ll see how it goes but geez, this kid requires more meal planning than I do for myself!

    OK, that was really long. Sorry.


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