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Tobyjoe gave me an early (first ever!) Mother’s Day present on Saturday. I now own The Flip. I am in love with it. I feel the same way about it that I felt about my Elph back in 2001 when I took pictures of everything and nothing.

Here are a few of my first, not so major motion pictures.

First I give you Emory’s new weird baby thing: Banging his head on his highchair! (Seriously? This would have worried me if it hadn’t been for an offhanded comment my mother made. She said, “Soon he’ll enter the head banging phase. I remember when you three did that.” And then he did.)

Babies are weird.

Here’s one I took while walking through McCarren Park on Sunday. Whenever it warms up, McCarren Park turns into a beer guzzling, hipsterfest on Sundays. I think it has to do with the kickball leagues. And if the breeze blows just right, you can smell the VD in the air. MmmmmmmMMMMmmm VeeeeeeDeeeeee.

Pay attention and you’ll hear the hipster dude behind me say, “You’re going to upload that to MySpace for us, right?” To which I replied, “WRONG HIPSTER! HA! I’m going to upload it to FLICKR and my BLOG! Because I am a COOL BLOGGER!! I have a BLOG! MySpace is for LOSERS! and PEDOPHILES! DUH!! I AM SO COOL!”

Next up we have a video of Emory on the swing. I could not have come up with a better soundtrack. This pretty much sums up the sound of summer in Brooklyn. But for whatever reason, the ice cream trucks seem to come around at really weird hours, like 11 PM? What kid wants ice cream at 11 PM? I get the feeling that some of these ice cream trucks aren’t just selling ice cream.

But you didn’t hear it from me.

Last but not least, we have a video of Emory dancing on the table to New Order at Nita Nita while eating Kashi’s version of a Cheerios. Unfortunately, you can’t make out the music and so it just looks like Tobyjoe is shaking him by his arms. Also, he has no pants on. Normally, we have our kid in pants but it was a special occasion, one that didn’t require pants.

Why do I get the feeling that I’m going to become really annoying now that I have The Flip?


  1. Did you get the 60 minute one or the 30 minute one? I’m really interested in purchasing one, but not sure how much time I’ll need.


  2. While a lot of those trucks do probably sell things other than ice cream, in all the stoop sitting neighborhoods I’ve ever lived in that 11-o-clock run has been sort of the “parent” run. Nothing funnier than adults bolting off the couch at the climactic moment of a Law & Order rerun screaming, “GET SOME CHANGE! ICE CREAM MAN! ICE CREAM MAN!!!!”


  3. kirida: I got the 60 minute one. Well, TJ did. He knows I like everything big. ;] No, really, I wish I could answer as to whether I need the bigger one, but I haven’t had it long. Is there a difference in price? I hadn’t looked into this yet.

    It’s really great. Highly recommend it for those who just want to shoot from the hip.

    Kizz: I get it now! So, they probably don’t sell the goods, but they’re taking care of business for those hittin’ the goods! 11 PM Munchies! WOOP!

    You know? I think I may have to treat myself to an ice cream truck goody tonight. Thing about it is, I am not sure I’d make it downstairs in time. There is nothing more humliating than getting out there as the truck drives off. Then you gotta be all like, No, man, I was just running outside to be outside.


  4. Shepard is going to be so excited that you’ve posted new videos! We got a Flip too and now record all sorts of mundane things. It is so much easier to tote around than our video camera. Love it! We went with the 60 minute as well because it was only like $20 more.

    Did you run into the no sound problem? If not, don’t upgrade your Quicktime. We made the mistake of upgrading to the lastest quicktime and the sound went away. There is a plugin you can download and the sound comes back but it seems like the movies ‘jump’ a little now:( The Flip people said that they and Apple were aware of the problem and were trying to fix it for future releases or something like that. Still we love it lots and have taken more video of Shepard in the last month than we have in his first two years!


  5. Melhow: i ran into so many problems. They aren’t fixed yet. I am hoping my nerd of a husband can help out soon. I ran into the no picture problem. I upgraded and still it didn’t work. Finally did some hack.

    They REALLY need to get their act together, whomever is causing the problem. I have had issues with video since the get go. Seems common, no?

    Yeah, I do love it. I like the quality too! I read somewhere that some folks thought it was horrible quality. To me, it has a film look to it almost. I love it.


  6. Is that my pulse? No! It’s my clock ticking. Seriously, you have the cutest baby. Ever.


  7. Go to the Apple support site and you might find some answers. I think I remember seeing threads about people with sound but no video. It was suggested there and by the Flip people to try adding this plugin to get my sound back and it worked: The Flip people responded to my question via email in less than a day so you might email them as well.


  8. YAY! Now I want to check one out.



  9. Keep taking videos because Emory will love watching himself when he turns 3. My kid watches his videos every day. It’s surprising to find out why he likes certain ones and not the others.

    I like to watch Emory’s videos too although I am … never mind my age.

    He is so cute.


  10. Aah, yes, the Flip. Mike got one for Isabel after using one for work….She will go around with that thing making the craziest videos of herself and her sister and then sit there for hours watching herself…I haven’t used it yet but I am guessing they are really easy seeing as my six year-old can do it.
    I agree with Chi about keeping the videos. To this day, Isabel still loves watching videos of herself when she was 2 or 3 years old. Now if I can only get my act together and make some of Aubrey then I wouldn’t feel like a bad neglectful mommy!


  11. could i skeeve any more about the hipster roach nest in mccarren? Really it was never that bad. just gross i think i puked in my mouth a bit.

    Emory is so freaking cute and i can not wait for more videos. i am gonna need a 12 step program to break my addiction to that boy.


  12. My brother in law said the rocking (or headbanging) babies do mean they’re getting ready to walk. So, that’s a good thing! :) He’s too cute.


  13. My parents got me a flip for my birthday last year. They’re fantastic. We actually made a documentary of each week of the NFL season. . .anyhow, we’re on a mac as well, trying to recall exactly what we did to make everything work all hunky dory. . .I know we had some issues to begin with, but obviously worked it out in order to bring everything into iMovie/iDVD and make a 1.5 hour movie.


  14. After reading all the comments and seeing your videos, I ran out and got a flip last night. I love it!! It’s so nice to have something small and easy to use. We also had problems with no sound/no picture when we uploaded the videos to the Mac, so thank you melhow, was an easy fix.


  15. Yay! Another Flip convert. I love mine. Most of the vids I take these days are with my lil Flip. I bet the folks at YouTube just lurve me. LOL


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