I deleted a post because it annoyed me. I’m sorry about that. I need more time with it. I do apologize for my immaturity.

We are leaving tomorrow for a much needed (and deserved) vacation. We’re heading to DC tomorrow to spend the day with Soung. I also scheduled a private yoga class with my favorite yoga instructor. I hope she beats me up! On Friday, we’re heading to Lorton, Virginia to catch a train (car and all!) to Orlando for the fourth annual Howley vacation. We’ll be back next week armed with ridiculous photographs which I will share with everyone.

Posting may be sporadic, but I have every intention on writing about how much I miss Murray on Tuesday. (I’ll miss all three of my cats. I always do.)

In the meantime, here is a short video of Emory and the Swiffer.



He makes cleaning so much more fun! And impossible!


  1. Oh, this is so cute…


  2. Kids are weird! There’s another one where he and Murray are chasing it. I should have put that one up too. Ah well! Next time.


  3. Your son has the most adorable laugh I’ve ever heard!


  4. Emory is growing so much!

    Viddler is a pretty good video service too.


  5. Oh my god he’s cute. That made me laugh and cry!


  6. oh my god if i could hear laughter like that every time i broke out the swiffer i’d have the cleanest floors in town!!

    he is so unbelievably adorable!!


  7. I read your post yesterday and just wanted to say I’m sorry to hear things aren’t going so well right now and I hope your vacation helps make you feel better, at least temporarily. Have fun and hang in there! (Weird coming from a stanger, I know. :)


  8. What a laugh!! He’s so adorable!

    Have a fantastic vacation, Michele. Best wishes for a safe and easy journey, and a well-deserved relaxing time.


  9. Happy vacation to you and the boys!


  10. What a cute video!

    Have a great vacation and look forward to reading your blog when you’re back!


  11. Have a great trip. LOVE the video. (Something to look forward to.)


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