Baby Eaters Anonymous

We have a new game. I scream “I AM A MEMBER OF BABY EATERS ANONYMOUS AND I MISSED TODAY’S MEETING!” And then chomp and kiss Emory’s sides and he laughs and laughs and laughs. It’s awesome. I look forward to this more than I do chocolate and cupcakes.

This is a video that was taken back in November. (I am way behind on uploading videos.) This was taken before I joined Baby Eaters Anonymous but you’ll get the idea of what happens whenever I miss a meeting. Also, sorry about the cleavage.



  1. oh my god, that giggle! he is incredibly adorable…i can see how you have become a baby eating addict! :)


  2. For god’s sake, woman – call your sponsor when you get like that!

    What? Emory is your sponsor? Well… I’m going to have to review the BEA charter to see if that’s allowed. Seems highly co-dependent to me. ;)


  3. Never apologize for cleavage.


  4. Too cute! One of my friends sent me a link today, and Adeline was sitting on my lap when I opened it. (I think she’s only a week or two older than Emory; she’s 6 months today.) She started cracking up laughing and trying to grab the dog.


  5. You are killing my ovaries with the squee!


  6. Shepard thanks you for the new video. He prefers the ones where he can see Emory’s face, but he does appreciate the cleavage;)


  7. How can you staaaaaaand it? The adorable? He’s so freaking awesome. As are you (and your cleavage).


  8. cleavage is nice ;> Never apologize for it. The cuteness is just too much to handle. I remember my mom sniffing me when i was like 5 or something… I can kinda understand that now. Also love how you checked to see if Emory was purring as a measure of happiness. Cats Rock!


  9. Just take it one day at a time. Eventually, you’ll overcome this terrible addiction.

    *Hoping it doesn’t happen before he grows up – babies are so tasty! It’s a shame to let one go to waste!


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