Happy New Year! (Thank You.)

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. We’ve been hanging out with family, baking, and house hunting. I even started up with yoga again, which has done absolute wonders for my mood. I have felt incredible lately and I have TobyJoe to thank for breaking the inertia. Speaking of The Bean, I feel as though I’ve been paying so much attention to Emory or myself, that I have all but ignored TobyJoe. My new year’s resolution (if I were to actually make one) is to keep the people I love in higher regard. I owe Bean so much, so very much. He’s the first love of my life. Emory is the second. I have Toby to thank for giving me the second. I have Emory to thank for reminding me of the importance of relaxation.

I’m probably not going to get a chance to write much before Wednesday or Thursday. I had plans to write a “year in review” type of post, but it’s just not going to happen. There’s just too much going on right now. I do want to take a few minutes to thank everyone for sticking around (you poor souls). Thank you so much for being there for me this year. 2007 held some of the greatest moments of my life. It also held some of the most painful and life-altering. During the dark times, many of your voices helped me more than I can possibly say. I can’t thank you all enough. I wish I knew the words to let you know just how grateful I am. Thank you. I love you, man! (And I ain’t even been drinking.)

I will write more after the holiday, I promise. In the meantime, check out some of TobyJoe’s new pictures. He’s shooting film again and I couldn’t be more proud. Here’s a shot he took of me on vacation last year. I don’t even hate it! And here’s an absolute favorite of mine featuring my dad and my Pumpkin Pie.

Thank you all so very much. Here’s to you and yours.



  1. Happy New Year to you and to your beautiful family. I hope that 2008 holds many good things for you.


  2. michele, tj, and Emory – have a wonderful new year’s celebration. I loved sharing 2007 with you and look forward to 2008!



  3. Happy New Year, sweeties, and much love!


  4. Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family. Wishing you the very best in 2008.

    I would also like to thank you. Thank you for opening up your world and letting me into a piece of it. You have helped me more than you will ever know. I have never felt more ok about things that I’ve been going through since discovering your site and reading your posts. It has become a daily ritual of mine to sit down and read your site. Especially if I’m having a bad day. So again, thank you.



  5. Love you and your two boys. Happy New Year!


  6. happy new year! thank you for sharing colorful, touching, inspiring, and hilarious snippets of your life with us.


  7. michele-

    happiest of New Years to you and your family. i read your post every day and find such great comfort and humor in your posts.

    even if you think that you are “crazy”, i think that you are a strong minded, well versed, and very aware of yourself and the world around you in many areas….not just diapers!

    thank you for your honesty and your humor. your baby is the cutest! and i am a NANNY!!

    look forward to your growth and insight in ‘08!

    best to you and your boys in the new year.


  8. Happy New Year, Michele!

    Wanted to say now-b/c I didn’t get the chance when you wrote about it-that I really admire you for pumping exclusively for Emory all those months. I know you sort of beat yourself up over BF, but when I read you were doing that I was truly impressed by your fortitude (and can’t imagine anybody would be judgmental!). BF just happened to work out for us, but if it hadn’t I have to ask myself whether I’d have the dedication to to pumping that you did.

    Here’s to a healthy, happy 2008 to you and your family!


  9. happy new year to you and your men! hope 2008 brings you all the things you wish for and more.


  10. Hey there! Just found your blog while searching for….. hmmmmmmm I’ve been reading your blog for a few hours now and don’t actually remember what my original search was. Anyway I wanted to comment about all your thyroid issues. I too started having crazy symptoms about 6 months after my baby was born. To cut a really long story short they removed it, which was so scary at the time but now that I don’t feel like Im going to die everyday things are so much better. That was over 2 years ago now. I take a tablet called oroxine everyday to make up for what my thyroid can no longer do and I no longer have the palpitations, dizziness, crazy anxiety (ok maybe I still have a little of that) or the inability to fall asleep. I am actually a few weeks away from giving birth to my second baby and all is well. I hated going through it and at the time thought I was a freak but it happens alot and it will all be good. Hope your little one brings you more joy each day!!


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