Photo Friday!

I started writing my labor recovery post. It’s going to take some time. While I’m working on that, I figured it’d be nice if I posted some pictures I took this morning.

Emory is always happiest in the morning.

Tucker the Orangemani terrorist

The Hobo Nest (More about this here)

Last night’s carnage. Someone left the homemade bread out on the counter.

Gratuitous self-portrait

Ornamental gift from my brother.


Happy Friday everyone else!


  1. Happy Friday to you too!! The first picture of Emory makes me smile almost as much as he is! Great photos and I can’t wait to read your next pregnancy installment.


  2. Looks like the lip and eye have healed nicely! back to looking great like normal : )


  3. actually, my MOHs hasn’t healed so well. I need to get back there. The sunlight kind of hides the redness. I am also having trouble with the “dissolvable” stitches. It seems that they aren’t dissolving. It’s not pleasant. I won’t go into detail, but I wish things had been different. Makeup sort of covers it. But not really. I’m going to need work if I don’t want the scar. :[

    oh well!


  4. i can’t see anything at all… YOU LOOK GREAT! Have you tried vitamin E oil? It helps a lot with scarring.


  5. You have a carb addicted cat, too? Mine crawls inside boxes to get cheerios or crackers even though anything crunchy makes him sick.


  6. There is NOTHING Murray won’t eat. He east everything. It’s absurd. I was not so jokingly saying that he’s going to be the death of me and himself. Surely, one day he’ll eat something that will land him in the VET ER. I worry. I do. He’s insane.


  7. Love the baby and the kitty.


  8. He’s trying to lower his cholesterol by eating the grains.


  9. Emory is looking so old these days!

    What is the ornament? On first glance, it looks like a little ornate coffin…sorry, not so nice, but what is it???


  10. hahaha! It’s an old subway car. MTA.


  11. Seriously, Michele, you have the world’s cutest baby!


  12. What a cutie! He looks like his Mommy. You also look great. And, from someone who also has a scar on her lip (a dog bit me in the 3rd grade), they give you character, mystique. Make up a great story to tell if someone ever asks. You know, secret spy stuff, I’ll have to kill you if I tell you… HA!


  13. Emory is soooo cute! I love reading your blog. I had the same issues with breastfeeding as you did, but I had a breast reduction years ago, so I’m kinda blaming it on that. He’ll be fine and you’ll be fine. Mine was born on 9/13, so I’m looking forward to seeing all the developments you are showing. I quit breastmilk about 2 weeks ago because I could only get about 2 ounces out in a whole day, it just kept dwindling down, but, like I said, he’ll be just fine – don’t beat yourself up. At least you get to stay home with him! I have to put mine in daycare all day while I work. :(


  14. Ohh..okay, I get the subway car thing now. My monitor at work is quite dark and I couldn’t see the windows or wheels, just a box!


  15. aside from my own, of course, i think emory is the cutest baby on the internet.


  16. Great pics of Emory.

    I absolutely love the self portrait. It’s a beautiful shot.


  17. I’m expecting our first, also a boy, due in the spring. I hope he’s as much of a doll baby as your wee man. Adorable.


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