NowBlowPoMe: I Am A Slacker With a Black Eye.

We’ve been away for the past several days and without Internet access. My parents recently moved from Pennsylvania to New Jersey and so we drove to Jersey to check out the new digs. My brother and his wife Melissa flew up from Alabama with their kids as well. It was great seeing them. I rarely get to. TobyJoe made a killer Thanksgiving dinner while we were there.

I overate and probably put on all five of the pounds I lost since November 3rd. (As of Thursday, I weighed 150 pounds. I haven’t gotten on the scale since then, however. I am kind of afraid to do so. I will report back here when I finally do.)

Since we’ve been running around, we’ve been away from the Internet for the past several days and I haven’t had a chance to really sit down and write about the birth of Emory and that bugs me. And it bugs him, too. See?

I wrote Chapter 4 standing in the rain from a backyard on an open router. I didn’t even have a chance to proofread it. I have no idea what I wrote to be perfectly honest. And that bugs me. I really wanted to spend time on the write up of my labor story. The fact that I started during the week of Thanksgiving probably wasn’t the best idea. But it’s a done deal now. I feel like I’ve just been throwing the story together. That said, I have decided to take today off. We just got home and I have too much to do around the apartment. I will commence with Chapter 5 tomorrow.

In the meantime, check out my black eye. Between it and the MOHs scar on my upper lip, I am looking awesome these days.


  1. do you know how long i slaved in front of my giant lighted vanity mirror in 10th grade trying to achieve exactly that smoky eye look? i think your black eye is retro-fabulous!

    hope you had a great thanksgiving!


  2. Jenny, my mother suggested I Just add the same bit of color to the other eye.

    Too bad I don’t own eye shadow anymore.


  3. Emory looks totally into you taking his picture. What a gorgeous kid.


  4. I have those same dinner plates stored in my attic. They belonged to my grandmother. I haven’t seen any like them in quite a long time. They look great!


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