NowBlowPoMe: Visiting Manhattan

TobyJoe, Emory and I got all bundled up this morning and headed into the city to visit my old place of employment. I miss that job a lot. I miss my boss a lot. There are still a few people there whom I miss dearly and I wanted to introduce them to my most favorite person in the whole world.

I was worried at first. I had no idea how I’d do with bringing Emory out in the cold and into the great big city, so far from home. (An entire river!) You see, anywhere else one might actually drive in and therefore be equipped with a getaway car should things take a turn for the worse. But in New York City, where parking is nonexistent, you’re kind of stuck out there. Even cabs are off limits when traveling with a baby, given the whole carseat law. So, I get nervous whenever we venture out. And the greater the distance we are away from home the greater my stress level. But I was determined this time. I was determined to get over this fear. I see babies out and about all the time. Why can’t I get out as well? So we bundled him up and put him in the stroller. We took him on the subway and straight into Grand Central Station. That’s Grand Central Station, Internet. Can you believe how far I’ve come? A month ago I freaked out bringing him to the park down the street.

The city was humming with life and a part of me missed it greatly. I missed it in spite of the fact that someone picked a fight with TobyJoe on the 4/5/6 after our stroller accidentally bumped his sneaker. I missed the city after watching a guy pick his nose and then immediately touch the metal subway bars. I missed it even after having to walk up several flights of stairs with a stroller. I missed the route I once walked from Grand Central to Madison Avenue. I even missed the guy who sells stuff outside of my old office building. I missed it all.

I missed the sound of the train station, the smell of the street, even the smell of the roasting nuts. (Although, I always figured that if actually consumed a person might shit themselves. Seriously, does anyone from New York eat the nuts?)

If this city were just a little more user friendly, if it were just a little more accessible for us breeders trying to survive on a middle class income, then I think I could settle in here. If it were just a little easier, I could see raising my son in New York. (As long as I could get him into one of those Quaker schools.) But it’s not easy. And even though today almost went off without a hitch, it still proved tiring.

I guess we could have left the baby with the nanny.

Part of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), where one writes every day for the month of November, which is easier said than done.


  1. I cannot recommend higher for urban dwellers to move away from the stroller and into the sling. It will make everything SO much easier in terms of getting around. My particular favorite is the Kangaroo Korner in fleece, which is so cozy that you don’t have to bundle the baby up so much, because they are bundled in the sling AND have your body heat. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.


  2. If this city were just a little more user friendly, if it were just a little more accessible for us breeders trying to survive on a middle class income, then I think I could settle in here

    WORD. I live in NJ now and I still haven’t brought my daughter to the city and she is THREE AND A HALF. When she was in her stroller, I was overwhelmed about taking her by myself, plus the whole no cab/carseat thing.

    We don’t use the stroller anymore, and I’m worried she’ll just take of down the middle of Fifth Avenue. Honestly, I know I’m being neurotic, people raise babies in NYC, hell even I was raised there.

    Good for you for being braver than me.

    I miss Manhattan so much. It’s like a phantom limb.


  3. I miss NY (some) and I’m not even from the city. Reppin’ Upstate what what.


  4. Confession:

    I eat the nuts.


  5. You have a nanny?

    Seriously I know what you mean> I get nervous anytime I have to bring my kid somewhere crowded, especially if it’s outside in the streets. I always fear that someone will snatch him or something like that. I just feel as though he shouldn’t be exposed to the corruption of the outside world and I get afraid that I wont be able to protect him if something happens. It’s a mom thing.

    However there is a solution to your problem: You just have to find a more livable city (affordable, family friendly, low crime, good job market) and move there. Do a little research. It wont be New York, but it will give you the best of both worlds. I plan on doing the same thing myself in the near future.


  6. Come live in Boston! It’s not as big as NYC, but it’s REALLY nice and super family friendly!


  7. Nicole, I second your statement about the sling. I have a kangaroo sling as well and Aubrey lived in it from day one. I live in San Francisco and it has helped loads. She is now a bit too big for it but it still hasn’t stopped me from trying to squeeze her in there when I just don’t want to bring the stroller.


  8. I wish we had a nanny. would earn SO MUCH cash.


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