Freqently Asked Questions

Where does the word “mihow” come from?

MiHow is a mash-up of my first and last (maiden) name.

Why can’t I see any of your pictures?

This was something that had to be done because of some sick bastards operating out of the Nehterlands. (Read more about that here.) We had to turn off hot-linking. There are two possible reasons why you’re unable to see my pictures.

1). Your browser isn’t passing a referrer.

2). You might be browsing behind a proxy or firewall (at work) that disables referrers. Essentially, when you hit my site every request for an image looks like a hot-link. And hot-linking is no longer allowed.

Why can’t I leave a comment?

Comments are automatically disabled a week after a post is published.


Two reasons:

1) So I don’t have to manage as much comment spam.

2). I was getting some really nasty retro comments from people stumbling in via Google. And by nasty I mean comments like, “I hope your cat dies!” on a post about my dying cat. Nothing constructive, just a bunch of typical Internet cruelness.

Why doesn’t HTML work in your comments section?

I use Textile. You CAN add images and links but you’ll need to do so using this markup.

I just left a comment. Why can’t I see it?

Sometimes, for whatever reason, comments are set aside for my approval. Chances are your comment was accepted, I assure you, but I have to approve it first.

Why did this happen to my comment?

Again, we’re using Textile, so if you type a dash and follow it with another dash it will cross out the text between both dashes. Use two dashes, one right after another, instead. This is what you’ll end up with: —

Where’s the post about your birthing experience?

I know, I know. It’s been three months (at the point this was added) and I still haven’t finished it. It’s the longest post ever. And it has to be since it took forever. Soon. Soon. I swear.

IT’S DONE! Read it here.. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to read it in order.)

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